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Director's Letter.

When we were contacted to collaborate with Round Table Companies to make a film about Vulnerability we were both intrigued and excited by the challenge. Knowing Corey as an innovative thought leader, we knew we would have a lot of freedom to build something special, but the pressure was heavy to make something with impact that takes an abstract idea and makes it relatable, clear, and impactful. The importance of getting this right was enormous because the message is so dire. The world we live in is growing increasingly more disconnected and A.D.D. Corey’s message is exactly what we need to hear as a society. To love one another by being present with them and offering up the greatest gift you can give in a relationship: access to what’s inside of you. Access to your dreams, fears, past, and future.

On a personal note, delving into this idea and story had a great impact on us as filmmakers. It’s quite possible that we needed to hear the message more than anybody to be mindful and courageous in our own relationships.

Corey was an inspiration to work with by listening to him tell stories over and over again that were tough to share and truly living the example that he’s trying to set for others. We occasionally had the feeling that we’re hearing something that maybe we shouldn’t, but our relationship with Corey grew stronger through the process proving that he’s truly onto something. As Corey states in the film, Vulnerability is what levels the playing field and makes us human. We certainly don’t have any room to judge anyone with our own skeletons that we hope we have the courage to share with others one day.

Watch the film with an open mind while thinking of the people in your life with whom your walls are high. Imagine ways you can be more open and honest to bring those walls down and offer a two-way bridge in which your relationships can grow stronger by allowing access to what’s inside of you. We’ve witnessed first hand how people respond and give you access to themselves right back.

- Dave and Darren

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