Lori Darley - Book Writing Success

The story of a lifetime.

Lori was looking to share her story, based on a lifetime of connecting with others, while also sharing a new system she had developed for business leaders. She wanted to connect with her authentic audience and had a sense a book could help do that, but was not sure how to translate a book into this type of connection.


Lori was a first-time author seeking to make an impact and had so many stories and case studies to share. She was not sure which presentation of her material would make the most impact.


A dedicated editorial team at RTC worked with Lori to tease out her story and help shape it into a readable business book with heart. The team also worked to create a professional but heart-centered website to help create a real community around Lori’s work.


Lori’s book was a top seller on Amazon the day it was launched and her community attracted a new audience. Lori found her voice as a Forbes contributor and contributor to other major publications. She refined her focus to women leaders looking to make a change and was able to create a passionate community which kept her booked for conferences, speaking events, and workshops months in advance.

Finding Her Audience

During a conversation at Social Venture Network in San Diego in 2016, Lori shared how she has remained open to finding the audience for her book through the process of writing it.

Executing Her Mission

Listen in as Lori Darley shares her experience with her Round Table Companies writing team for her book, website development, branding, and finding new language for her mission in the world!

Lori Darley Testimonial

Now Lori is focused on growing her community

RTC works with Lori and her team to generate articles and resources that attract new followers and a back-end CRM that supports the maintenance of those relationships.

The moment of creation is about choice testimonial by Lori Darley
Dancing Naked Cover

Dancing Naked: Claiming Your Power as a Conscious Leader

Lori Darley, Aleksandra Corwin, and Agata Antonow