United by COVID

Never before in our lifetimes has every human being been united in a shared experience. United in concern for family, friends, coworkers, and communities. United in uncertainty. United in hope.

Four United by Covid artist drawings

The story of COVID-19 is unfolding moment by moment. We are here to capture it.

Through the prompt of “What has hold of you during this time of uncertainty?” we will be collecting written submissions from all over the world. Those submissions will then be turned into art to reflect the beauty, depth, and humanity of our shared experience back to people across the globe.

This art wall we create together will be a digital version of the live art installations we have created around the country.

Writers Digest Artists Working NY 2017

While our typical live installations included 50 to 300 entries, this virtual art wall will allow for thousands of submissions, more than our artists can possibly handle.

Talented artist, we need your help.

We are looking for skilled artists—with experience in hand lettering—who are willing to donate some of their most valuable resource: time.

How much time you contribute will be entirely up to you.

If you elect to participate, you will be given the opportunity to review submissions we are gathering to select the entries you are most moved to turn into art.

If this project calls out to you, and you’d like more information on contributing your talent, please let yourself be known through the form below. (Before applying, please review the technical specs listed beneath the form.)

The writers and artists of Round Table Companies cannot thank you enough for considering a contribution of your talents.

From the bottom of our hearts, we are grateful.