Workshop: My Powerful Purpose

In 75 minutes, you’ll articulate your powerful purpose in a way you’ve never expressed it before.

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What a great exercise. If you do not have a purpose statement, this helps you get there. If you have one, it helps you see a different perspective.

Thomas Eckschmidt
Thomas Eckschmidt
Cofounder of Conscious Business Journey, Cofounder of Conscious Capitalism Brazil & Peru, Coauthor of Conscious Capitalism Field Guide (Harvard) & Corporate Board Member, Co-founder of Conscious Business Network

Why purpose? Now, more than ever, it is imperative to know what you stand for.

Research has shown a link between a strong sense of purpose and resilience

A strong sense of purpose has also been shown to increase the chance of healthy aging

Meanwhile, searching for purpose is causing “purpose anxiety” in too many people

My purpose is to help people when they feel stuck by leading them to unemotional clarity that shifts them from their downward spiral back into absolute power.

Asrar Qureshi
Asrar Qureshi
CEO, Ali Trust Pakistan

My purpose is to support those who feel judged and shut down by igniting their sadness and confusion into action to live a more open, honest life.

Lori Martin
Lori Martin
Co-owner, Consilio Consultants

Is this workshop for you?

  • Is your current version of your purpose no longer inspiring you?

  • Are you at a pivotal intersection in life where clarity around your unique gifts would prove invaluable?

  • Have you tried every other purpose process and you're looking for an approach that will blow your mind?

  • Interested in unearthing your personal purpose and connecting it to your organization’s purpose? We recommend this workshop version.

Take One Hour to Do This! I found the guided exercise opened up a deep part of me that wanted to be expressed, put into words.

Kari Warberg Block
Kari Warberg Block
Founder and CEO, EarthKind
Watch as Corey Demonstrates the Magic of the Workshop

On this episode of Inspirational Leadership, one of the top Apple Podcasts on the topic of management, Corey guides host Kristen Harcourt through the purpose process.

How does it work?

Step-by-Step Guidance

Participants are walked through a 75-minute process of guided video instruction.

Like a Magic Trick

Corey's process bypasses your intellect so you are less capable of getting in your own way.

Purpose Heroes Faces


My purpose is to guide those who feel unseen, so they may turn their vulnerability into art and the world can experience their beauty and brilliance.

Corey Blake
Corey Blake
Founder and CEO, Round Table Companies