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Many individuals and business thought leaders use the professional team of writers and editors at Round Table Companies to turn their ideas and storytelling into published books, films, graphic novels, and other media. Create impact for your purpose and help shape a new tomorrow.

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Do you think you want to hire a ghostwriter?

We have eight reasons why you should not hire a ghostwriter and why our signature book writing process might be the better path for you.

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You are the hero of your own story. Publish a book. Design a graphic novel. Seek editorial analysis on your existing manuscript. Tell your story through a variety of mediums. Develop a personal brand.

Make your entire company storytellers with our virtual art wall experience or refine your corporate brand. Round Table Companies’ signature business storytelling process delivers results with empathy and brilliance.


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I wanted to tell a story that would speak words of life into the hearts of young entrepreneurs who, through their success, will create the future my grandchildren will live and work in. Our future economy and the health and happiness of our people and planet depend on their success. My book needed to be written in a way to awaken that unstoppable force that lives within an entrepreneur once they discover their purpose and find their muse. What I didn’t expect was how healing, fun, and magical writing this book would become. It validated the choice I made in hiring Round Table Companies. I highly recommend them, their writers, their processes, and their values-based approach.

Kari Warberg Block
Founder and CEO, Earthkind
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