From leadership to the front line, people who feel cared for simply perform better.

It’s time to start caring for your company culture differently—to unlock potential, enhance trust, awaken accountability, and transform the way you work together.

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Your company culture is a reflection of your leadership.

A healthy and resilient company culture isn’t something you buy. You can’t delegate authentic employee engagement. You can’t hope trustworthy teams into existence. You have to earn it.

First comes care, then comes courage.

Preparing your culture to meet new inflection points with spirit, courage, and excitement requires a new kind of care.

At Round Table Companies, we work with visionaries who love to sit at the edge of the seat of life, who are rare and real, and who value thought partners willing to speak truth to them. If that’s you, we are here to challenge you to care about your people so much that you’re willing to wake them up to the thrill of truly living.

Awaken your people to the power of their unique human creativity and reenvision the future of your company.


Authentic employee engagement starts here.

Risk-taking toward innovation requires psychological safety.

“People who feel cared about are liberated.”

Rick Voirin
Chairmain, Stagen Leadership Academy | “The Moral Case for Development”
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What is CARES?

Creating Adaptability, Resilience, and Empowerment through Support

Round Table Companies (RTC) provides high-impact people development for leaders, teams, and individuals of companies preparing for (or in the midst of) significant growth and change. We help care for the heart and spirit of your company culture using practical tools and innovative training that combines leadership, psychology, and storytelling to establish psychological safety, unlock potential, and enhance trust as you and your people work together.

Being cared for means

  • knowing why we matter,

  • feeling heard for our grievances without being dismissed,

  • being celebrated for our contributions and talents,

  • feeling empowered to use our voice and trusted to take action,

  • being held to a higher standard without feeling judged for our infractions, and

  • being challenged to hold ourselves and one another accountable.

Through CARES, we’ve seen dramatic changes of heart and impressively authentic employee engagement—with 94 percent of employees participating according to our latest case study.

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Employees Find Safety in the Storm of Change During a $20 Million Acquisition

View our impact on a $45 million organization that was ready to build a courageous company culture.


See what care looks like in action.

Culture Consulting

Rather than rescuing your people by solving challenges for them directly, our culture consulting and leadership coaching programs empower people to better manage their triggers, react with more grace under pressure, and contribute to a healthier culture.

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Who We Are

Across our nearly 20 years in business, Round Table Companies (RTC) has donned numerous identities: book developer, writing coach, story guide, publisher, event experience creator, and marketing agency. Today, our team of experts use everything we’ve learned about leadership, storytelling, and psychology to care for company cultures. From leadership to the front line, we provide practical skills and techniques to enhance psychological safety, trust, accountability, connection, and purpose in the lives of those we engage with so together they can go further, faster.

Powering the RTC engine is Corey Blake, who has spent two decades at the intersection of leadership, psychology, and storytelling. He is the founder and CEO of RTC as well as the current chief culture officer for Earnest Machine and an adjunct faculty member and coach in Stagen Leadership Academy’s Advanced Leadership Program (ALP) known as the Dragon’s Gap.

Corey’s work as a storyteller, book publisher, and creative thought leader has been quoted or featured in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal (cover story), USA Today, and Inc., Forbes, and Wired magazines and has garnered dozens of awards. His TEDx talk from 2016 is aptly titled “Vulnerability is Sexy.”