Capture your story. Then turn your hero’s purpose into a work of art.

Storytelling classes. Story coaching. Book coaching. Book design. Discover the story behind your hero’s purpose. Express your story as a work of art. Package your story as a gift for the world.

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To earn people’s trust, tell them your story.

“From the moment I was born, my mother shone her light on me until her severe depression when I was five left me in darkness. To know if she was safe or dangerous, I learned to read the energy of everyone around me. I performed for my mother to soften her angry heart with laughter. One year later, the warmth of her light shone upon me again, brighter than ever. But that year of uncertainty and pain set me on a path of studying performance, psychology, and leadership. I founded RTC in 2006 to serve others who are searching for their light.”

Corey Blake, Founder and CEO, Round Table Companies


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