Our Purpose

Is to tell the story behind yours.


is a business solutions provider

that approaches complex business challenges through the lens of storytelling. Some of the manifestations of our brand storytelling work include books, documentary films, narrative podcasts, art installations, and graphic novels. We hope you will pull up a seat, take a look at our work, and feel inspired to become part of our family. Welcome to the table.

The Centerpiece of Your Story

You've accepted the invitation to expand your impact beyond what you've already built. To play the bigger game, you're going to need to attract a different kind of player. Release a beacon that tells them where you are. That beacon is a book.

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You know it's time to tell your story, but you're wondering how to get to the finish line...

We've prepared a 10 page PDF highlighting the 5 ways to write the book you were born to write.



that culture, engagement, stakeholder alignment, purpose, and leadership are all entirely influenced by the stories we tell ourselves and those we work with and work for. At RTC, we guide individuals and organizations in the revision of their stories—both within the company and externally to the market—so engagement is heightened, ideal stakeholders are magnetically attracted to the organization, wasteful spending is reduced, and innovation is catalyzed.

Storytelling can take many forms

Our expertise is in uncovering what an organization stands for and then amplifying that with creativity. If we're involved, what we create together will demand attention. Sometimes our creativity takes the form of a book or graphic novel. Sometimes we use art to create experiences. And sometimes we use the medium of film. Check out the trailer to our latest documentary on a company solving the paycheck to paycheck crisis in America, and doing it at scale.

Film Services

What if you captured the intensity of how you're impacting the world through a film?

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Looking to discuss your idea for a film project?

Our production partners have won over 40 Emmys. When we bering them into a project, we combine their talents in film production with our gift for business storytelling at scale. The result is a first rate team that will create something extraordinary for your organization.

We Use Storytelling to solve complex business challenges

Heighten Engagement

Heighten Engagement

We use storytelling to help stakeholders find profound individual and shared meaning in their work.

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Plant a Bold Flag

Plant a Bold Flag

Committing to changing a piece of the world requires that you constantly blow people away.

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Differentiate Yourself

Differentiate Yourself

Take what is authentic, steep it in vulnerability, and then amplify it with creativity.

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