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Magoosh — Workbook Writing Success

Magoosh is committed to making test prep accessible, effective, and enjoyable so that students can achieve their educational dreams. RTC supported the Magoosh team with creating writing guides for students studying for the ACT and GRE.

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Lori Darley — Book Writing Success

Lori was looking to share her story, based on a lifetime of connecting with others, while also sharing a new system she had developed for business leaders.

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ORP — Library of Books Success

ORP (now MyPath) wanted to create easy-access resources in order to attract their ideal clients and amplify their impact beyond the walls of its schools. See how RTC helped make this happen.

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PCI — Business Storytelling Success

Drew Clancy, president and CEO of Publishing Concepts Inc. (PCI), heard Corey Blake present at a Conscious Capitalism chapter event in Dallas, Texas. Drew had a feeling Corey could help transform his team by refining and developing their storytelling skills. Corey helped PCI instill the power and importance of stories in their culture and stories are now an integral part of PCI.

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Robert Renteria — Book Writing Success

Robert Renteria rose from humble beginnings to become a CEO. Along the way, he saw people from his same neighborhood suffer and die because of drugs, gangs, and violence. Robert had been down the same path but he had gotten out—he’d joined the military, pursed education, changed his life. He knew it was possible and he wanted to share that journey with kids who needed to hear about the possibilities.

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Rich Horwath — Graphic Novel Success

Rich was seeking to create a book and system to make strategy exciting and fun, not just for students but for all audiences.

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PayActiv — Business Storytelling Success

PayActiv is a disruptor in their industry. The RTC and PayActive journey together resulted in a book, media, and a movie.

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