Black Belt Communication

On average, only 1 in 5 employees feel heard on various workplace topics, from manager effectiveness to inclusion initiatives. Deeply listening and giving space for employee voices to be heard is crucial to increasing engagement and optimizing financial performance.

Four Stages Deepen Pattern

Engagement Begins with Deeper Listening and Powerful Questions

In the Black Belt Communication online course, your leaders learn advanced listening techniques that accelerate their ability to lean in with curiosity amidst more complex conversations with customers and colleagues.

Learning outcomes participants will understand and practice:

listening techniques that increase awareness, freedom, and self-direction

expanding their listening beyond the words they hear to what is being communicated at deeper levels

applying tools for sourcing powerful questions during a conversation, including

  1. The four-part powerful question formula

  2. The if/then connection equation

breaking through resistance to deeper conversations

responding to intense displays of emotion from colleagues and customers

supporting genuine connection with stakeholders using numerous techniques

The course has impacted my performance greatly. It’s given me an opportunity to connect with our constituents on a deeper level.

Ryan Koba
Ryan Koba
Senior Inside Sales Associate, PCI

Participants will walk away with:

deepened trust and a stronger bond between team members

increased confidence in engaging and communicating with customers and colleagues

tools to support listening and asking powerful questions

techniques to slow down and remain present during difficult conversations

Black Belt Communication Course Logistics

80% asynchronous video guidance, 20% group facilitation on Zoom

  • 4-week online course
  • 3 to 5 hours per week
    • Average 2-3 hours of asynchronous training (varies by individual)

    • 90 minutes of group facilitation

  • Cohorts of up to 25 people each
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Black Belt Communication

Check out our one-sheet on the Black Belt Communication course, including learning outcomes, benefits, and program logistics.

Contents of Black Belt Communication (4‑week Course)


3 videos
  • Beyond Active Listening
  • Listening for Situational Awareness
  • Activating Imagination
4 audios
  • Listening for Powerful Phrases
  • Emphasis on a Theme
  • Listening for Physical Impact 1
  • Listening for Physical Impact 2
1 assignment
  • Physical Impact
3 articles
  • A note on storytellers and listeners
  • Listening for Language
  • Listening for Physical Impact
3 quizzes
  • Listening for Powerful Phrases
  • Emphasis on a Theme
  • Situational Awareness
1 group experience
  • Listen with Your Body


2 videos
  • The One Thing
  • Asking Powerful Questions
1 article
  • How to Ask Powerful Questions
2 assignments
  • Role Play: Practicing the First Follow Up
  • Role-Playing Reflection Journaling Assignment
1 challenge
  • Craft Your Four-part Question Formula
3 audios
  • Listening for the Phrase that Stands out the Most
  • Listening for Physical Impact
  • Consider Your If/then
3 tip sheets
  • The Four-part Question Formula
  • Listening for Language
  • Recommendations for Additional Resources
1 group experience
  • Sourcing Powerful Questions


2 articles
  • Second Follow Up Question
  • Repeat the Process One Last Time
  • Corey’s Packaged Story
1 assignment
  • Role-Play: Listening for Physical Impact
  • All Questions Lead to A Story Journaling Assignment
1 quiz
  • Connecting Listening to Asking Powerful Questions
4 audios
  • First Follow Up Question
  • Second Follow Up Question
  • Repeating the Process
  • Final Question
1 tip sheet
  • Listening for Physical Impact
1 group experience
  • Listening for the Theme


1 video
  • Responding to Intense Emotion
4 audios
  • Prep for the First Follow-up
  • First Follow-up Question
  • Second Follow-up Question
  • Advanced Techniques
1 article
  • Breaking Through a Storyteller’s Resistance
1 quiz
  • Breaking Through Resistance
4 tip sheets
  • How to Activate the Imagination
  • If/then Inspiration
  • How to Find the First Follow-up Question
  • Harness the Power of Quoting
1 group experience
  • Taking Resistance Head-on