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This "thing" that happened yesterday was the most amazing thing I have ever seen happen at a corporate sales conference. Never expected that in a million years.

- Tal Spirer, Senior Sales Manager, ParTech, Inc.

Where You'll Find Corey in 2018:

  • January: Chicago, IL (Values Work—Private Company)
  • February: Austin, TX (Conscious Leaders Leadership Lab—Conscious Capitalism)
  • February: Houston, TX (Keynote—Conscious Capitalism Houston Chapter)
  • February: Houston, TX (Gestalt Facilitation—Private Company)
  • February: Portland, OR (Emcee—Conscious Capitalism Portland Chapter)
  • March: Washington DC (Story Consulting—Private Client)
  • March: Houston, TX (Story Consulting—Private Client)
  • April: Chicago, IL (Workshop—Small Giants Journey)
  • April: Dallas, TX (Workshop—2018 Conscious Capitalism Conference)
  • May: Austin, TX (Conscious Leaders Leadership Lab—Conscious Capitalism)
  • May: Dallas, TX (Stagen Leadership Academy)
  • May: Detroit, MI (Workshop—Small Giants Summit 2018)
  • June: Orlando, FL (Internal)
  • June: San Francisco, CA (Conscious Company Leaders Forum)
  • July: Orlando, FL (Internal)
  • July: Boston, MA (Mastermind Group)
  • July: San Francisco, CA (Private Company)
  • August: Dallas, TX (Stagen Leadership Academy)
  • October: Austin, TX (Conscious Capitalism CEO Summit)
  • November: Dallas, TX (Stagen Leadership Academy)
  • November: Orlando, FL (Internal)
  • November: San Francisco, CA (Conscious Leaders Leadership Lab—Conscious Capitalism)
  • December: Maui, HI (Ram Dass Retreat)
  • December: Dallas, TX (Stagen Leadership Academy Reunion Event)
  • December: Los Angeles, CA (Emcee—Conscious Capitalism Chapter)
  • December: New York, NY (Mastermind Group)

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