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Corey's Upcoming Events and Facilitations:


  • January: Cleveland (Gestalt Experience Weekend—Private Event)
  • January: Houston (Values and Purpose Work—Private Company)
  • January: Vero Beach (Values Work—Corporate Retreat)
  • February: Salt Lake City (Vulnerability is Sexy—Young Entrepreneur Council)
  • February: Houston (Values Work—Private Company)
  • March: Cleveland (Gestalt Experience Weekend)
  • April: Philadelphia (Conscious Capitalism)
  • April: Jupiter, FL (Core Values Work—Corporate Retreat)
  • April: Northwestern University, Kellogg School of Management (Vulnerability is Sexy—Student Event)
  • May: Detroit (Vulnerability is Sexy—Small Giants)
  • May: Austin, TX (Vulnerability is SexyCommercial Finance Association)
  • June: Galveston, TX (Gestalt Experience Weekend—Private Event)
  • July: Cleveland (Gestalt Experience Weekend—Private Event)
  • September: Cleveland (Gestalt Experience Weekend)
  • October: Austin (Conscious Capitalism CEO Summit)
  • December: Cleveland (Gestalt Experience Weekend—Private Event)

Curious how vulnerability can change your life?

Corey developed his 10 Tips for Vulnerable Strength for the Stagen Leadership Academy and now he is sharing them as part of his keynotes. Get a sneak peek into the brass tacks application of Vulnerability.

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