Can Business Storytelling Elevate A Leader’s Impact?

By: Mary Anna Rodabaugh in Business Storytelling
on June 14th, 2021

Honor Your Voice: Why Leaders Must Offer Their Own Experiences for Business Storytelling

As lifechanging world events unfold at an unprecedented speed, Genevieve Georget says, “Many business leaders are currently standing in unfamiliar territory—wanting to use their businesses as voices of change in the world and recognizing that their voice isn’t the only one within the organization.”

When it comes to business storytelling, the human experience is the key ingredient for a success. Georget explains how a story is an experience, a series of events that has shaped who a person is. How exactly can leaders launch into business storytelling without letting their own opinions serve as barriers to the process?

Business Storytelling Starts with “I”

Georget suggest leaning into personal curiosity when examining one’s own story. When you understand your own story, you have more awareness and openness to understand the stories of others. Context is everything and can really help shift you from opinion to experience with a little introspection.

Want to tell the story of your business?

Take No Sides

Opinions can be categorized as pro/con or for/against. They can even be categorized as right/wrong, but this classification is purely based on perspective. Values tend to be the cornerstone of business storytelling. But values do not necessarily give space for “right or wrong.” Georget says, “You can hold a value close to your heart without making another person ‘wrong’ or ‘bad’ for not sharing that value.”

Values Align with Experiences in Business Storytelling

As a leader, do your values and beliefs have a lifeline that can be traced back to your own experience as a leader or as a business? This is the key to business storytelling. Everything is related. Storytelling and sharing experiences invite humanity into the foreground, softening the harsh lines of opinions and blending a collective and vulnerable approach to speaking up when it matters most.