Leading with Intent and Awareness in the Age of Conscious Capitalism

By: Sheila M. Trask in Conscious Capitalism

Committing to the Conscious Capitalism Movement

Conscious Capitalism is not a trend, argues Corey Blake, founder and CEO of Round Table Companies. Instead, it’s about joining a movement that’s serious about “elevating humanity through business and relying on profit to power impact.”

That’s not an easy feat, though leaders may hesitate to admit that. In this article, Blake shines a light on the challenges every leader faces when creating a company that is constitutionally prepared to “do good by doing well.” He also offers ways to transform those challenges into greater success on multiple levels.

Practicing Conscious Capitalism as a Human Being

Leaders in Conscious Capitalism have lofty goals that are challenging to actually carry out in the day-to-day running of a business. And yet, nobody is perfect. Blake shares his own “messy and imperfect” journey to more conscious leadership at Round Table Companies, and the steps he has taken to be sure he continues to grow his ability to act with intention.

Leading with Intent and by Example

What does leading with intent look like? No two companies are exactly alike, even in the Conscious Capitalist movement, so the task of leadership teams, says Blake, is to ask how Conscious Capitalism relates to your company at this moment.

Blake explores the possibilities by examining the practices of two Conscious Capitalist companies that are “walking the walk” in very different ways.

Three Agreements for a Conscious Capitalist Company

The day-to-day execution of Conscious Capitalism looks different for each company, but it truly takes root at the psychological level, writes Blake. Creating psychological safety in the workplace is the foundation. Here Blake offers leaders three agreements to consider, agreements that will allow them to support their people, build trust, and make room “for those around us to step into more powerful versions of themselves that can advance our companies.”