Create Connection at Your Digital Event with a Virtual Art Wall by RTC

By: RTC Team in Event Experiences

Transform Your Digital Event with a Virtual Art Wall

If you're hosting a virtual event, a virtual art wall can create a way to tell stories, to share what makes you unique, and can even get guests participating. It's a way to celebrate accomplishments, share stories, get vulnerable, or celebrate your successes.

Your digital event deserves to stand out from the rest and a digital art wall is one way to make your event unique. Most organizations use workshops or presentations or slides for their digital events, but a virtual art wall is a way to share authentic connection.

Storytelling with a Virtual Art Wall

Your art wall is different because it embraces the power of storytelling for your digital event. Before your event, you can ask participants or members of your community to share stories, ideas, or phrases around a specific theme.

You can choose a theme such as "gratitude" or ask a question such as "What are you most afraid people will learn about you?" RTC digital artists will transform the answers into art and words you can share as part of your digital event.

You can use your art wall to tell stories together or to share experiences. It can spark conversations and help your team get to know each other. Learning what others have to say to a theme or a question can be thought-provoking and inspirational. In some cases, it can help you fell more connected or give you opportunities to learn.

Your virtual art wall can stay online and can be shared with your team. It is an interactive experience you can build on or return to. You can share it with clients, if you wish, or with a wider community. Some organizations build entire initiatives or movements around their virtual art walls, because what these walls uncover can be an impetus to change.

Virtual Art Walls Are Digital Events for Our Times

As many organizations choose to have digital events over in-person events, virtual art walls become more popular. This can be a way to bring together remote teams, international organizations, and customers or people all over the world. Virtual art walls let us share a bit of ourselves, regardless of geography.

A Virtual Art Wall Can Empower Your Enterprise