Workshop: Connecting MY Purpose to OUR Purpose

In approximately 60 to 75 minutes, participants will articulate their powerful purpose and connect the dots between that purpose and how they play a unique role in contributing to the purpose of your entire organization.

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Take One Hour to Do This! I found the guided exercise opened up a deep part of me that wanted to be expressed, put into words.

Kari Warberg Block
Kari Warberg Block
Founder and CEO, EarthKind

Now, More Than Ever

Now, more than ever, employees desire to know that their contributions matter and that they are valued for the human being they are. But ask your employees WHY they work for your company, and how many could tell you it’s because their personal purpose is uniquely and brilliantly leveraged by the organization?

How many of your employees could clearly articulate what they stand for in the world and why they matter to your organization?

How many of them could tell the elevator pitch story of how they were destined to work for you in a way that others listened from the edge of their chairs?

What would change within your organization if everyone could connect those dots in a way that deeply moved all your stakeholders?


Who is this workshop for?

  • Companies that have articulated their higher purpose but have yet to establish its connection to each and every employee within the organization.

  • Companies looking to heighten the engagement of their employee base by elevating their awareness of the ways each employee profoundly matters to the organization.

  • Companies who believe in the power of personal development and its ability to transform an organization’s culture for the better.

My purpose is to help people when they feel stuck by leading them to unemotional clarity that shifts them from their downward spiral back into absolute power.

Asrar Qureshi
Asrar Qureshi
CEO, Ali Trust Pakistan

How does it work?

Step-by-Step Guidance

Participants are walked through each and every step of the process through guided video instruction.

Like a Magic Trick

Our process bypasses people’s intellect so they are less capable of getting in their own way.

30 Days of Access

Over the next 30 days, each participant can return to the exercise for further reflection if desired.

“Employees believe professional development is the number-one way to improve company culture. And the consequences of neglecting development are significant. ”


My purpose is to guide those who feel unseen by shifting their emptiness into play, so the world may see them as special.

Corey Blake
Corey Blake
Founder and CEO, Round Table Companies