Leadership Coaching for Executives and High-Potential Employees

Commit to elevating your leaders and high-potential employees with the accountability and support of leadership and executive coaching.

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How are you caring for your high-potential employees?

Because of this ever-evolving world, leaders face enormous pressure to drive results, inspire their teams, and navigate complex challenges. Without the right tools, resources, support and care, even the most talented of your people will eventually struggle, causing a ripple effect throughout the organization. Teams become directionless, morale suffers, and your company’s culture pays the high price of getting stuck.

And yet, there is a way to care for your leaders and your rock stars (we call them high-potential employees) that reduces burnout, overwhelm, and suffering when challenges arise.

By investing in your most influential people, you can help them step into their greater potential, empowering them to lead with confidence, resilience, and impact. Our leadership coaching for executives and other high-potential employees is personalized and strategic support to help your people overcome challenges, expand critical skills, and drive meaningful change.

Why is coaching the answer” to caring for your people?

The Institute of Coaching reports that when people receive one-on-one coaching at work, the magic of internal transformation ignites.

  • 80 percent of people who receive coaching report increased self-confidence

  • Over 70 percent benefit from improved work performance, relationships, and more effective communication skills

  • 86 percent of companies report that they recouped their investment on coaching and then some!1

“I feel passionate about the gift coaching has provided.”

Dianna Barnes
Sales Growth Manager

Leadership and executive coaching helps to expedite the beauty and brilliance of your people who have more to give.

At Round Table Companies, we work closely with your leaders to unlock their potential, overcome obstacles, and drive meaningful outcomes. Through our tailored executive and leadership coaching program, leaders, executives, managers, and high-potential employees all the way down to the front lines are afforded a psychologically safe space to level-up without judgment and with considerably less fear of failure.

leadership coaching team supports your people to

  • recognize their blind spots,

  • hold themselves accountable,

  • shift specific behaviors for more beneficial outcomes,

  • feel empowered to take thoughtful risks,

  • own their performance and results, and

  • lead by example so they can model change for others.

“I am now able to recognize and be aware of habits I had previously adopted that were not allowing me to move forward in creating a different story.”

Jeannie Burgess
Quality Systems Manager

How We Differ from Other Leadership Coaching Companies

Our coaching philosophy is rooted in the belief that when your leaders and employees feel a deep sense of belonging, purpose, and safety, they are more likely to take appropriate risks, innovate with creativity, and perform at their highest level.

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We leverage the power of storytelling.

We have spent two decades leveraging the transformative power of stories to shape beliefs, behaviors, and relationships. With the help of our executive leadership coaches, your people uncover and rewrite the limiting stories they are telling themselves and realign new versions of those stories to the behaviors and impact they wish to create in their lives and work.

We take a systemic approach.

We recognize that leadership and high-potential employees are part of a larger organizational ecosystem. Our coaching approach takes into account the complex web of relationships, culture, and systems that shape your people’s experiences and performance. By working with individuals, teams, and the organization as a whole, we help create sustainable, long-term change that ripples throughout your entire company.

We prioritize psychological safety.

Creating a psychologically safe environment is at the heart of our coaching program. We help your leaders and employees develop the skills and mindsets to foster trust, vulnerability, and open communication within their teams. By creating a safe space for curiosity and growth, we enable your people to lean into productive conflict, learn quickly from their failures, and collaborate with their colleagues more effectively.

We focus on the whole person.

Unlike traditional leadership coaching that often focuses solely on developing specific skills or competencies, our coaching approach recognizes that your leaders and employees are whole human beings with unique stories, strengths, and challenges. We work with them to align their personal and professional purpose, tap into their authentic beauty and brilliance, and bring more of their unique gifts to their work.

How does it work?

When you partner with RTC, we help support you in deciding who within your company might most benefit from support with executive coaching. We will provide you with an offer to present to those individuals (featuring the benefits of coaching and requesting their commitment to the process) and we’ll match them with an executive coach.

Each employee will receive 10 coaching sessions that transpire over a 90-day period. Near the end of the 90-day cycle, you will be offered the opportunity to

  • renew the cycle for each employee if they would benefit from another 90 days,

  • close that experience with an employee and extend the offer to someone else within the company to fill the available seat, or

  • close that experience with an employee, reevaluate if you would like to increase or decrease the number of seats in your package, and proceed from there!

We offer numerous coaching opportunities per the 90-day cycle, so please reach out to us if you are looking to extend the offer of coaching support to multiple people within your organization (or entire teams) at the same time so we can accommodate your needs.

Support team

Are you — a CEO — looking for your next coach?

Alongside your leadership team and high-potential employees, you too can enroll in our coaching program. As a CEO, your next transformation is not only waiting for you, but is imperative if you are after company-wide transformation. Partner with one of our executive coaches or experience one-on-one guidance from Corey Blake, a CEO thought partner who has been coaching leaders for two decades and whose expertise lies in leadership, psychology, and storytelling for organizational culture transformation.

Coaching Service as Part of Our CARES Program

Our leadership and employee coaching services play an integral role in our company-wide CARES program, where we guide you in building a more caring, courageous, and purposeful company culture. Through CARES, we deliver the full breadth of our services, including training programs, consulting, and online courses that align to your strategic goals for transforming your organization from the inside out.

When you partner with us for coaching through our CARES program, you gain access to our entire ecosystem of culture-building expertise and support. Corey Blake works closely with you as a fractional chief culture officer to understand your unique challenges and goals and to develop a customized coaching plan that aligns with your larger cultural transformation efforts.

By combining coaching with our other culture-building services, we help you create a powerful, holistic approach to unlocking your people’s potentials and building a thriving, purpose-driven organization.

Interested in empowering your people?

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Still pondering your next move?

If you haven’t worked with RTC before, one-on-one coaching may not be your first step. This is an advanced offering for companies who have experienced our magic before. 

If you are interested in working with RTC for the first time and want to engage in unique leadership and high-potential employee development, we recommend starting with Mastering Trust.

“Benefits of Coaching,” Institute of Coaching, accessed May 29, 2024, https://instituteofcoaching.org/coaching-overview/coaching-benefits.