What Do They Stand For?

Frontline managers and frontline employees are three times less likely to say they can see a connection between the work they do daily and the organization's overall purpose. They will underperform until they do.

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Up-Level Your Leaders and Managers

Retain your employees by teaching frontline and middle managers about themselves and their unique leadership style, as well as techniques to augment trust within their teams.

This Packages Includes

  • Our Courageous Culture: My Powerful Purpose (online workshop)

    Participants uncover their personal purpose and connect it to the organization to identify the unique contribution only they make.

  • Employee BONUS 90 Days of Follow-up Content

    Through bite-sized pieces delivered via email over 90 days, participants are encouraged to leverage their personal purpose at work daily and offered tools to better support themselves when challenges arise.

  • Participant Response Summary

    In addition to the individual value employees gain through the workshop and bonus follow-up content, leadership receives the group’s responses to the question “What’s your company’s stated purpose?” as well as a list of the shared connection statements and epiphanies from the experience.

  • Leaders Go First Kit

    Leaders are provided with our essential kit, Leaders Go First, which includes helpful tips, scripts, and guidance on how leaders can establish psychological safety with their teams and encourage employees to share their purpose at work.

McKinsey & Company

When employees’ purposes are aligned at work, productivity, engagement, loyalty, and a willingness to recommend the workplace to others increases.

Help Your Employees Find Purpose — Or Watch Them Leave

Recent McKinsey research found that nearly 70 percent of employees reported their sense of purpose is defined by their work. However, there is a disparity between upper execs who live out their purpose at work and frontline managers and frontline employees, with 85% of the latter reporting they are unsure (36%) or disagree (49%) they can live out their purpose at work. It is crucial that leadership plays the important role of supporting employees to uncover their purpose and see how it applies to their current role.

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From the participant response summary, leaders will be able to:

Access greater intimacy between their workforce and their vision as an organization

Find clarity and/or confirmation about the alignment between the company purpose and the employees’ grasp of that purpose

Uncover deeper insight into how employees express and make meaning of their unique contributions at work

Gain critical understanding of how aligned their workforce is to the purpose, values, and mission of the company.

Take One Hour to Do This! I found the guided exercise opened up a deep part of me that wanted to be expressed, put into words.

Kari Warberg Block
Kari Warberg Block
Founder and CEO, EarthKind

From the workshop, participants will:

uncover the five puzzle pieces of their life that define their purpose

clearly articulate a purpose statement

clearly articulate a statement connecting what they stand for to the company

This short training helped me to finally synchronize my purpose with our company purpose to find harmony and vision. Thanks.

Alex Ost
Alex Ost
Back-End Engineer, Speed and Function

From the follow-up content, participants will:

recognize what drives the fire within them

understand why they are successful at work

learn how moments from their past are impacting decisions in the present

gain insight into expanding their impact at work

identify their default response when highly stressed

further ignite (or rekindle) their motivation



Average workshop rating on a 10 point scale


Average percent of workshop results shared

> 60%

Bonus follow-up content email open rate

This will connect the dots for you and provide insights to decisions you have been making and your day to day actions. Highly valuable.

Marie Martin
Marie Martin
Catering & Events Manager, Founding Farmers King of Prussia

Employees report:

increased understanding of how their personal experiences impact their professional input

increased awareness of their unique contributions to the organization’s purpose

a deeper connection to their inner-selves

a rekindled sense of life purpose

Our Courageous Culture: My Powerful Purpose

Workshop Logistics

  • 60-75 minutes

    A virtual workshop for employees.

  • Asynchronous

    A self-guided experience they can access at a time of their own choosing.

  • Support for leaders provided

    Included: leader’s tip sheet and sample invitation script to invite employees to participate

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What Do They Stand For?

Check out our one-sheet on this leadership package, including engagement data, benefits of the participant response summary, expected outcomes, and workshop logistics.

About this Methodology

Interested in the history and methods behind the purpose workshops?