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Commercial Storyteller: Bohemian Rhapsody

Corey began his professional storytelling career as an actor starring in commercials for American Express, Miller Beer, SBC, Mitsubishi, Hasbro, Wrigley's Gum, and Pepsi. This spot for Mountain Dew was named one of the 50 greatest Super Bowl commercials of all time (Corey is the singer on the left).


Corey's appearance in Yard Fitness' "Coverage" earned Backyard Productions a Belding, a Bronze Lion at Cannes, and a London International Advertising Award. The commercial was also frequently featured on "Greatest Commercial" television programs. The spot has been viewed millions of times. One year after its release, Nike featured a streaker in a commercial, and Ben Stiller shot the infamous basketball scene in Along Came Polly.

Vulnerability is Sexy

Corey's TEDx talk on vulnerability has been viewed 20,000 times. The talk outlines Corey's model for vulnerability — what he calls "The Dating Ladder" — and takes audiences from flirting, to coffee, to dinner, to a second date, and then, finally, to the big night. This talk, which originated at TEDxSalisbury, became the basis of the Vulnerability is Sexy short form documentary which was released in 2016.

This "thing" that happened yesterday was the most amazing thing I have ever seen happen at a corporate sales conference. Never expected that in a million years.

- Tal Spirer, Senior Sales Manager, ParTech, Inc.

Where You'll Find Corey in 2019:

  • January: Mexico City (Private Stagen Event)
  • January: Dallas, TX (Workshop—Conscious Capitalism Chapter Event)
  • January: Louisville, KY (Film Shoot)
  • February: Dallas, TX (Stagen Leadership Academy)
  • February: Houston, TX (Gestalt Facilitation—Private Company)
  • February: San Francisco, CA (Film Shoot)
  • February: Dallas, TX (Private Client)
  • February: Orlando, FL (EOS Internal)
  • March: Miami, FL (Trajectory Mastermind)
  • March 22-24: Las Vegas, NV (Conscious Capitalism Chapter)
  • March 27-29: Dallas, TX (Private Clients)
  • April 18-19: Dallas TX, (Private Client)
  • April 22-25: Phoenix, AZ (2019 Conscious Capitalism Conference)
  • April 30-May 2: Detroit, MI (Workshop—Small Giants Summit 2019)
  • May 6-8: Dallas, TX (Stagen Leadership Academy)
  • May 20: Orlando, FL (EOS Internal)
  • May 22-24: Dallas, TX (Private Training)
  • June 12-13: Dallas, TX (Stagen Leadership Academy)
  • June 21-23: New York, NY (Trajectory Mastermind)
  • July 19-21: Cleveland, OH (Gestalt Institute)
  • August 21-24: Orlando, FL (EOS Internal)
  • August 28-29: Dallas, TX (Stagen Leadership Academy)
  • October 14-17: Austin, TX (Conscious Capitalism CEO Summit)
  • November TBD: Dallas, TX (YPO)
  • November 14-16: New York, NY (Trajectory Mastermind)
  • November 16-18: London, England (Thinkers 50)
  • November 19: Orlando, FL (EOS Internal)
  • November 20-21: Dallas, TX (Stagen Leadership Academy)
  • December 4-5: Dallas, TX (Stagen Leadership Academy)

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Most of us don't have easy access to articulate our purpose, so Corey developed this exercise to pull the language from your guts.

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