Connecting on Purpose

For employees who can show up as their authentic selves at work, 73% say they are empowered to perform their best.

Four Stages Deepen Pattern

Double or Triple Team Member Contributions

In the Connecting on Purpose online course, participants unpack the origin behind their unique gifts and talents as they develop critical soft skills and deepen trust and team intimacy.

Learning Outcomes Your People Will Understand and Practice:

How to elicit rapt attention

Techniques to quickly build trust with others

How to leverage their innate superpowers

Ways to mitigate their personal Kryptonite

If you want to break the chains that keep you thinking in the same old way, you have to do something different. This is something different. This course unlocks an authenticity that's desperately needed in communication among humans. It makes something ineffable possible. I will be an ambassador 4-e-v-e-r.

Robin Parker Meredith
Robin Parker Meredith
Executive Coach, Stagen Leadership Academy

Participants Who Complete Connecting on Purpose Will Walk Away With:

a 10-minute TEDx talk version of their purpose origin story

a profoundly stronger bond between participating team members

the ability to extend grace towards themselves and others during difficulties

greater impact to their work through a dynamic up-leveling of confidence

greater impact to their work relationships through increased awareness of the ways they exhibit stress

This class is life-changing, and our sales agents are willing to share their stories.

June Dockins
June Dockins
Senior Director, Inside Sales, Publishing Concepts, Inc.

Course Logistics

80% Asynchronous; 20% group facilitation on Zoom

  • 8 week online course
  • 3 to 5 hours per week

    • Average 2-3 hours of asynchronous training (varies by individual)

    • 90 minutes group facilitation

  • Cohorts of up to 25 people each
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Connecting on Purpose

Check out our one-sheet on the Connecting on Purpose course, including benefits and program logistics.

Contents of Connecting on Purpose (8‑week Course)


13 videos
  • Preparing for the Journey
  • Your Well Being
  • You are Contagious
  • VIS TEDx Talk
  • VIS Film
  • Storytelling Transforms
  • Your First Challenge
  • The Science of Story
  • What Makes a Hero?
  • The Hero’s Journey Crash Course
  • The Art of Kintsugi: The Beauty of Our Brokenness
  • Challenge on Presence
  • Robin's Story
1 audio
  • Prepare to Be Amazed
2 group experiences
  • Kick-Off Call
  • Meet Your Class
2 assignments
  • Taking Greater Risks Journaling Assignment
  • Kintsugi Journaling Assignment
8 readings
  • Tips on Creating a Supportive Environment for This Work
  • Opening Letter about Risk
  • Storytelling and Transformation
  • The Neuroscience
  • Gender Inclusivity
  • A Note on Journaling
  • A Note on Transformation
  • First, We Make the Story Our Own
3 tests
  • Vulnerability Is Contagious
  • Magic and Science
  • The Hero’s Journey
1 tip sheets
  • 10 Tips to Vulnerable Strength


4 videos
  • The Hero’s Journey: Part 1
  • After High School I’m Gonna Play Football at Notre Dame
  • Father, I Thought You’d Gone
  • Gentlemen, Can You Keep a Secret?
3 assignments
  • MY Powerful Purpose
  • Your Ordinary World Journaling Assignment
  • The Call to Adventure Journaling Assignment
1 group experience
  • Workshop Review and Discussion — MY Powerful Purpose
3 readings
  • The Ordinary World
  • An Important Note
  • The Call to Adventure
1 test
  • The Ordinary World and the Call to Adventure
1 challenge
  • Ordinary World


4 videos
  • Seize the Day Boys
  • You’re the Only One Who Ever Took Me Serious
  • I Hereby Reconvene the Dead Poets Society
  • Loren's Story
2 readings
  • Meeting the Mentor
  • Crossing the Threshold
2 assignments
  • Meeting the Mentor Journaling Assignment
  • Crossing the Threshold Journaling Assignment
1 test
  • Meeting the Mentor and Crossing the Threshold


2 group experiences
  • Question/Answer Session
  • Bringing Your Story into Focus
5 assignments
  • The Road of Trials Journaling Assignment
  • The Ordeal Journaling Assignment
  • Your Expanded Ordeal Journaling Assignment
  • The Reward Journaling Assignment
  • The Return Journaling Assignment
4 readings
  • The Road of Trials
  • The Ordeal
  • The Reward
  • The Return
2 tests
  • The Road of Trials and the Ordeal
  • The Reward and the Return
10 videos
  • The Hero’s Journey: Part 2
  • Let Me Tell It to You as Clean as I Can
  • Discouraged, Rudy Pushes On
  • Time to Inherit the Earth
  • I Quit
  • You Deliberately Deceived Me
  • That Was for You
  • Robin Shall Restore Amends
  • Who’s the Wild Man Now?
  • Sasja's Story


5 videos
  • Welcome to Assembly
  • Step 1: Who, What, and What’s in the Way?
  • Step 2: Your Focus
  • Step 3: Return to Your Ordinary World
  • Continue Down the Path
1 reading
  • Superpowers
6 assignments
  • Step 1 — Who, What, and What’s in the Way
  • Step 2 — Your Focus
  • Step 3 — Create Your Buckets
  • Step 4 — Assemble Your Ordinary World
  • Step 5 –– Assemble the Next Stages
  • Step 6 –– Assemble the Final Stages
1 group experience
  • Bucket Workshop


5 videos
  • Step 5: Cleanup
  • Step 6: Gut Check
  • Language and Theme
  • Feelings
  • Thoughts
2 readings
  • A Note on Truth
  • Challenge: Own Your Heroic Nature
5 assignments
  • Step 5 — Cleanup
  • Step 6 — Gut Check
  • Revising — Language and Theme
  • Revising — Feelings
  • Revising — Thoughts
1 group experience
  • Final Prep Workshop


3 videos
  • Presenting Your Story
  • The Hero with a Thousand Faces
  • Everyone Is the Hero in Their Own Story
2 readings
  • A Self-Care Checklist
  • Intense Emotions
2 assignments
  • Record: Speaking Out Loud Your Hero's Journey
  • Finalize Your Presentation
6 group experiences
  • Presentation Call 1
  • Presentation Call 2
  • Presentation Call 3
  • Presentation Call 4
  • Presentation Call 5
  • Presentation Call 6


5 videos
  • The Other Side of the Ordeal
  • Sometimes We Attempt to Rid Ourselves of Our Gift
  • Special Worlds
  • After One Journey Ends . . .
  • Congratulations!
1 test
  • Superpowers and Kryptonite
2 group experiences
  • Superpowers Workshop
  • Commencement
3 assignments
  • Owning My Gifts and Shadows Journaling Assignment
  • Next Adventure Journaling Assignment
  • Consider: Take a Leap
4 readings
  • Identifying Your Superpowers and Your Kryptonite
  • Your Return and Easing Your Re-Entry
  • After Telling Your Story
  • The Five Stages of Dharma Discovery