PayActiv and RTC

Storytelling to differentiate in a market competing at scale.

After defining a new category, PayActiv was being threatened by competitors to their Earned Wage Access benefit. Created by Safwan Shah, CEO and founder of PayActiv, the technology gives lower-income workers access to their wages between paychecks, helping workers to avoid late fees, overdraft fees, and high-interest loans.


Retake the category and create distance to competitors, who began co-opting PayActiv’s language and even PayActiv’s research for their own use. PayActiv needed to regain its leadership status.


Amplify the founder’s leadership and core values by shining light on the critical need, i.e. the “third world living in the belly of America.” The team at Round Table Companies created a way to unearth and share the compelling, everyday stories to amplify the heart of the company through high quality story-based content that demands attention and action and to become a voice for the voiceless in America by capturing and sharing the stories of those living paycheck to paycheck.


PayActiv’s growth trajectory is nearly 300% YOY. The Round Table Companies documentary for PayActiv has received nearly 82,000 views so far. PayActiv processing is two-and-a-half TIMES the year prior, and is now reaching over one million users. It’s estimated that PayActiv has enabled paycheck-to-paycheck workers to avoid $240 million from payday loans, overdrafts, and late payments.

Telling the Story

The foundational story created by Round Table Companies is told through book and film, It’s About TIME. These convey the human face of this crisis in our country, along with PayActiv founder Safwan’s leadership and his spirit as a humanitarian and Conscious Capitalist. Moving ahead, Round Table is working to build on this foundation with content creation that continues to reinforce PayActiv’s leadership, innovation, and care. Corey Blake, founder of Round Table Companies, is working closely with PayActiv as fractional CMO.

The documentary helps us move mountains.

Safwan Shah
Safwan Shah
CEO, PayActiv

It's About TIME: How Businesses Can Save the World (One Worker at a Time)

Safwan Shah