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Building a Courageous Culture.


A new line of business would require that their associates learned to create psychological safety.


Corey focused on training an initial group of 20 PCI employees made up of agents, trainers and managers, and executives (including their CEO, Drew Clancy). Over a day-and-a-half session, Corey delivered an experiential workshop that taught their team specific techniques to create a psychologically safe space conducive to the collection of authentic stories. Using Gestalt principles, Corey then visited Dallas and Little Rock four more times to teach PCI's teams to listen differently. Six months into the pandemic, Corey developed the flagship 3-month class to certify Professional Story Guides, and the Connecting MY Purpose to OUR Purpose workshop.


Financial Results: In their first year offering the Oral History Project, PCI landed $5 million in new contracts. By November of year two, they had landed another $30 million. Now in year four, as they continue to grow, they are expanding into new markets.

Storytelling Results: PCI has collected more than one million stories, and more than 250 associates have earned their certification as a Professional Story Guide.

Culture Results: As of August 2022, PCI has been ranked 55 on the Fortune 100 list of Best Medium-Sized Companies to work for. PCI reports that the Academy classes generate rave reviews, helped the company achieve and maintain their Best Place to Work status, offer associates a greater sense of purpose, and improve mentorship skillsets to support new hires.

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How a Book Publisher’s Sales Skyrocketed with Courageous Culture

The Oral History Project

Drew Clancy, president of Publishing Concepts, discusses the origin of The Oral History Project, how he met Corey Blake, how Corey supported PCI with storytelling training, and how the ethos of storytelling is now an integral part of PCI. He shares how capturing people’s stories is tied to PCI’s purpose and legacy. He also discusses the revenue trajectory of the project as they have now captured more than one million stories.