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Storytellers helping storytellers.


Capturing stories with an emotional arc would require that their team adopt a mindset shift and entirely new set of skills.


We focused on training an initial group of 20 PCI employees made up of agents, trainers and managers, and executives (including the CEO). Over a day-and-a-half session, we set up an experiential workshop that taught their team specific techniques to create a psychologically safe space conducive to the collection of authentic stories. Using Gestalt principles, we started the process of teaching their teams to listen differently and to invite their callers to open up and share authentic and impactful stories. We have gone on to lead four more in-person sessions and then to develop an entire 10-week course on capturing heroic stories, which we have recently deployed at the company.


In their first year of offering the Oral History Project, PCI landed $5 million in new contracts. By November of year 2, they had landed another $30 million in new contracts.

Results from the training day included comments such as “This will change our entire business,” “This will change my entire life,” and the CEO sharing, “The feedback on the session was over the moon. No exaggeration. People were blown away.”

Based on the participation in the workshop, we were able to highlight to PCI where their likely rockstars would be found, as well as recommendations for personnel shifts that would support the long-term success of the project.

How did Corey Contribute to The Oral History Project?

Drew Clancy, president of Publishing Concepts, discusses the origin of The Oral History Project, how he met Corey Blake, how Corey supported PCI with storytelling training, and how the ethos of storytelling is now an integral part of PCI.

Drew shares how The Oral History Project and capturing people’s stories is tied to PCI’s purpose and legacy.

Drew talks about the volume of contracts for the Oral History Project in year one (2019) and how in year two (2020), they are on target to more than quadruple their revenue from this new business line.