Unearth: The Hero Within (for Businesses)

Trust is essential to building high-performing teams. But how do you deepen trust and create psychological safety within a working environment that’s in constant change? Introducing Round Table Company’s storytelling course for businesses. Over a series of weeks, we will radically transform the individuals on your team while deepening their mutual trust in ways you never imagined possible. Imagine what your business could accomplish with an aligned, high-performing team whose confidence and humility are both through the roof.

“This class is life-changing, and our agents are willing to share their stories.” —June Dockins // Senior Director, Inside Sales

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Elevate the heroes within your company, identify their superpowers, and build the kind of trust that propels your organization into the future.

Every company relies on a high-performing team to reach the heights of success—a team who trusts and respects one another deeply, has confidence in one another, and encourages one another as they overcome obstacles together.

“I am hearing overwhelmingly positive comments from one associate after another about the difference the course is making for them. Big, big thank you, Corey and RTC, for all your AMAZING work here.”

Drew Clancy
CEO, Publishing Concepts, Inc.

The RTC Storytelling Course for High-Performing Teams

This course leverages the power of storytelling for both personal and team development. Within a collective group, each team member will transform their own sense of identity by awakening the hero within as they witness the heroism in those around them. In turn, entire teams enrolled in our storytelling classes are tightly bonded together as each employee’s heroic nature and superpowers are made visible to the group.

Which then begs the question, “What can we heroically accomplish together?”

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“The Adam before [this course] was anxious, not very confident, depressed. The Adam after [this course] is ambitious, driven, goal-oriented, loving. This is my season. Any challenge you want to throw at me, I’m there for it.”

Adam Lopez
Team Lead

What will you gain from a storytelling course?

For your business

  • A high-performing team that knows how to leverage one another’s talents

  • Employees with increased confidence from having claimed their power and identified the origin of their unique gifts

  • A team who can model psychological safety throughout the organization

  • The loyalty that results from offering transformational opportunities

“I didn't realize how much the people that I worked with loved and cared about me. I didn't know that level of love existed with people that you work with virtually, but that's exactly what I got when I shared my story. And I got people that were brave themselves. They got on camera and they read their stories, and I got to listen to theirs, and we just grew closer.”

Holly Hewitt
Inside Sales Manager

What will your people gain from a storytelling course?

A deeper sense of trust with those they work alongside

A discovery of their unique superpowers

An empowering version of their story they can use to show others who they truly are

A sense of healing from unprocessed wounds

Confidence in their own heroic nature

Storytelling skills that can be leveraged across responsibilities

Why RTC Is the Ideal Partner to Trust

Round Table Companies (RTC) has been specializing in storytelling since its incorporation in 2006. We write and publish books, produce films, and create art installations for thought leaders, changemakers, CEOs, and organizations. Our clients have included Zappos, Magoosh, Microsoft, ADP, Marketo, Workday, and hundreds of others who have relied on our team to create a safe space for their vulnerability and growth. We are the creators of the RTC storytelling art wall experience, the Vulnerability is Sexy game, and our documentary of the same name, which has won Addy and Hermes awards.

The Logistics


90% independent study, 10% facilitated group experiences


Video, audio, readings, writing prompts, surveys, and quizzes

Time Commitment

3–5 hours per week


$995 per participant, maximum 20–30 per class

11+ hours

of facilitated Zoom sessions



Throughout these storytelling classes, your team(s) will learn about a storytelling structure known as the hero’s journey and be guided through step-by-step lessons on how to correlate moments from their own life into a heroic tale, until they arrive at a 7- to 10-minute story that authentically showcases who they are and who they are becoming.

Committing your team to this transformative process catalyzes a greater sense of purpose in both their personal and professional lives, a purpose steeped in vulnerability, authenticity, and integrity.

Graduates of the RTC storytelling course emerge from this experience as an A-team of heroes—confident in who they are, how they can contribute, and who they are still becoming as their next adventure with your company unfolds.

“It's just been so much growth for me, not only as a salesperson and as an employee, but as a person.”

F. G. Golden
Remote Sales Representative

“We now have a waiting list [within our company] to join the next classes.”

June Dockins
Senior Director, Inside Sales

The Team Behind the RTC Storytelling Course

Course instructors include Corey Blake and Genevieve Georget.

Corey Blake

Corey Blake is the founder of RTC, which he has been leading for 16 years. Prior to starting the company, Corey was an actor in Los Angeles. He starred in one of the 50 greatest Super Bowl commercials of all time and an infamous spot for Yard Fitness in addition to guest-starring on prime time television shows and making appearances in films. He received his BFA in theatre from Millikin University, studied for 18 months at the Gestalt Institute of Cleveland, and is currently in his fourth year of the Advanced Leadership Program (ALP) at the Stagen Leadership Academy in Dallas. His work in storytelling has earned a Belding, a Bronze Lion, a London International Advertising Award, numerous Addy Awards, and 17 Independent Publishing Awards. Corey has been quoted and/or featured in the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Forbes, Wired, and Barron’s.

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Genevieve Georget

Genevieve Georget is an executive editor with RTC and the published author of Her Own Wild Winds (2016) and Solace: A Journal of Human Experience (2019), which was awarded 2020 Book of the Year for the Ottawa Faces Magazine awards. Gen’s writing and photography have been featured in publications such as The Good Mother Project, Oprah.com, Simplify Magazine, Her View from Home, and The Good Men Project. She is also the coauthor of Gathering around the Table with EarthKind CEO Kari Warberg Block.

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Kelsey Schurer

Original content for the storytelling course was written by Kelsey Schurer, an RTC executive editor. Kelsey received her master of fine arts in fiction from Virginia Tech, her bachelor’s degree in creative writing from Florida State, and she is a Douglas Anderson School of the Arts alum. Previously nominated for a Pushcart Prize, her honors include Winner of the Virginia Tech Poetry Prize presented by the Academy of American Poets, second-place recipient of the Emily Morrison Fiction Prize, winner of the Louis and Mart P. Hill Outstanding Thesis Award, and winner of the regional Scholastic Writing Award presented by Alliance for Young Artists & Writers. Her work has most recently appeared on poets.org and in Apalachee Review.

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Keli McNeill

Educational content for the storytelling course was overseen by Keli McNeill, RTC’s director of operations. She received her BS degree in English literature education from Appalachian State University and spent seven years teaching in classrooms before joining RTC in 2014. ​​Keli worked alongside RTC’s editors to develop content for the ORP Library, which provides resources for families with children with intense special needs and has been instrumental in keeping RTC’s projects on schedule and on the money!

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The RTC storytelling course is therapeutic, but it is not therapy.


The Origin Story

Corey explains how this course was originally created and the impact it has had.

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