Uncover: The Book You Were Born to Write

There is a book within you that wants to be written. But how do you play an active role in its uncovering while also getting out of its way so that book can flow through you? Join us for this intense, eleven-week journey to uncovering the book you were born to write.

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This experience might be perfect for you.

In an eleven-week storytelling journey (virtually, of course), you will work on your own and in group experiences to:

  • Uncover how you’ve been destined to impact the world so you can connect those dots for your audience.

  • Follow a proven method that invites profound trust between you and your readers.

  • Hit the “refresh button” on how you are approaching your book writing.

  • Work alongside a community of other authors also uncovering the book they were born to write.

Class Begins July 11, 2022

What’s Included

15 Guided Videos

Original content by Corey Blake guiding you every step of the way.

22 Readings

Original content based on our sixteen years in business to invite you more deeply into the learning.

24 Film Clips and TED Talks

Storytelling examples and inspiration to bring the lessons to life.

8 Group Experiences

Zoom get-togethers—led by both Corey and Genevieve—that establish community and deepen psychological safety.

12 Journaling Lessons

Prompts to guide you through the process of excavating the defining moments of your life.

More than 70 Other Lessons

Audios, quizzes, surveys, and step-by-step guidance to support the building of your story.

365 Days of Access

Return to the lessons all year long as needed for ongoing support (available to your class only).

11 weeks

Course duration

3 to 5 hours

Work per week


Launch price


Who is this course for?

  • Company founders, executives, and coaches who believe in storytelling and desire to create gravitational pull, influence behavior change, and amplify impact.

  • Storytellers, speakers, artists, writers, and film makers who are eager to use their own story as the basis of a thought leadership platform.

  • Change agents who recognize the power of vulnerability and its ability to serve as a beacon that makes you visible to those who want to conspire in your favor.

  • First time authors lit by the fire of finding and using their voice to be of service to others.

Who is this course NOT for?

  • Those not interested in storytelling as a vehicle for transformation and growth will not like this course experience!

  • Those who are unwilling to “play” best stay away (you do NOT have to be a professional writer, artist, or storyteller!).

  • Those who want to run screaming at the idea of vulnerability (please save yourself from all the undue suffering!).

  • Those working on a fictional book, or with a coauthor who is NOT taking this course (this is NOT the ideal setting for your book!).

Uncover Class

Kicking off July 11, 2022

Prework begins July 1, 2022

Class times: Weekdays, 10 a.m. CST

Instructor: Corey Blake & Genevieve Georget (bios below)

Instructor: Corey Blake

Corey Blake is the founder of RTC, which he has been leading for 16 years. Prior to starting the company, Corey was an actor in Los Angeles. He starred in one of the 50 greatest Super Bowl commercials of all time and an infamous spot for Yard Fitness in addition to guest-starring on prime time television shows and making appearances in films. He received his BFA in theatre from Millikin University, studied for 18 months at the Gestalt Institute of Cleveland, and is currently in his fourth year of the Advanced Leadership Program (ALP) at the Stagen Leadership Academy in Dallas. His work in storytelling has earned a Belding, a Bronze Lion, a London International Advertising Award, numerous Addy Awards, and 17 Independent Publishing Awards. Corey has been quoted and/or featured in the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Forbes, Wired, and Barron’s.

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Instructor: Genevieve Georget

Genevieve Georget is the community director for Round Table Storytelling Academy and the published author of Her Own Wild Winds (2016) and Solace: A Journal of Human Experience (2019), which was awarded 2020 Book of the Year for the Ottawa Faces Magazine awards. Gen’s writing and photography have been featured in publications such as The Good Mother Project, Oprah.com, Simplify Magazine, Her View from Home, and The Good Men Project. She is also the coauthor of Gathering around the Table with EarthKind CEO Kari Warberg Block.

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Sunny DiMartino — Academy Branding Director

Sunny has been growing personally and professionally with RTC since 2009, packaging books and designing interior layouts, covers, and/or digital versions for 150+ books across all genres (business, memoirs, fiction, illustrated books, workbooks, and test prep books with complex math typesetting). With an eye for detail, she oversees the Academy’s visual design and the protection of our intellectual property, while ensuring the alignment of our core values throughout our operations. She has over 15 years of experience with Adobe InDesign and helped to pioneer RTC’s live art installations, providing structural design, creative direction, management, and onsite artistry.

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Kelsey Schurer — Story Coach, Academy Content Director

Original content for the storytelling course was co-created and led by Kelsey Schurer who also leads our story coaching services for Academy participants and book writing clients (including a client with a forthcoming title from Chronicle Books). Kelsey received her master of fine arts in fiction from Virginia Tech, her bachelor’s degree in creative writing from Florida State, and she is a Douglas Anderson School of the Arts alum. Previously nominated for a Pushcart Prize, her honors include Winner of the Virginia Tech Poetry Prize presented by the Academy of American Poets, second-place recipient of the Emily Morrison Fiction Prize, winner of the Louis and Mart P. Hill Outstanding Thesis Award, and winner of the regional Scholastic Writing Award presented by Alliance for Young Artists & Writers. Her work has most recently appeared on poets.org and in Apalachee Review and her article “The Best Job Candidates are the Best Storytellers,” published by Harvard Business Review, has been shared more than 7,000 times on Facebook alone.

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How do I know if this course is right for me?

If you are someone who feels called to write a book that will unlock your ability to be of greater service in the world but who does not know the steps to take, particularly when staring at a blank screen, then this course might be exactly what you’ve been searching for. We will guide you through a process of learning to tell your story in a way that others fall deeply in love with what you stand for and then conspire in your favor as you step into what comes next.

Will I have written a book by the end of this course?

You will NOT leave this course with a complete manuscript. This course was designed to reveal the book you were born to write and to help you capture both the 15-minute (4,000-word) version of that story (both a complete story unto itself AND an exceptionally detailed outline for your book), and to help you unearth dozens and dozens of additional pages of content that can be woven into your chapter writing. Essentially, you will leave the course with the vision for your book, the blueprint for what you intend to build, and the authentic voice of the book that reflects who you are.

What if I’m concerned that my story isn’t worth sharing?

It is human to wonder if our story is impactful, or if others will care. I promise you that in my two decades of helping others to tell their stories, I have yet to meet a single person whose story wasn’t brilliant and beautiful (and those who worry that their story isn’t as profound as others are often the ones who bring us to our knees!). Your story is waiting to be uncovered in a way that will allow you to see yourself anew, to feel more whole, and to become more powerful in your life.

Is this a virtual or in-person course?

Our course is entirely virtual, though you will find that our Zoom calls are intimate and replenishing—not draining as some can be!

If I want to move faster, will the platform allow me to do so?

The course is set up so that the entire class progresses together and nobody can move too far ahead. We find that shared epiphanies are often longer-lasting and more deeply experienced. As each week of content is released, you can move through that content as slowly or quickly as you would like, as long as you complete the work before the next group session.

What are live group discussions? Are they mandatory to attend?

Live group discussions are a chance for you and your peers to come together in real time, to practice vulnerability, to share versions of your story you haven’t shared before, and to deeply listen to one another as beautifully flawed and victorious human beings. These experiences are facilitated by one of your instructors who will lovingly guide you and your peers to see one another—and yourself—in a new light. This is why we encourage you to attend as many live groups discussion as you can. Heroes aren’t born into this world—heroes are made; in part, by the circumstances of life that challenge and refine us, but also by the impact others impress upon our hearts. It is important that during the live group discussion, you respect and honor each person present, with the expectation that any one of us can forever change the way we view ourselves—in a more positive, truthful, loving, and awe-inspiring way. We approach our would-be authors this way, and they in turn carry that forward to their readers.

When sharing my story, how do I determine which of the more vulnerable parts of my life are okay to share with others?

The course invites vulnerability into how you express yourself, both in your identity as a hero and in the choices you make while navigating your life experiences. All this to say: only you can determine how vulnerable you wish to be. Part of being a heroic author and thought leader is in being the first to be brave, in taking a leap of faith that exposes the heart and soul of who you are and who you are called to be. The more authentic you can be in telling your story, the more impactful you will be to your readers. Vulnerability has all kinds of positive impacts, including self-transformation, healing past trauma, discovering your gifts, and shining a light on others in a profound way, inviting them to be vulnerable, too. If you are feeling TOO MUCH discomfort in sharing something that is vulnerable, you have the freedom to omit that portion from your story. Remember, you are the hero in this course. You get to choose how to shape your story into the most authentic version of who you are.

Is the course fee refundable?

Registration for a class is nonrefundable. However, we know that sometimes circumstances arise. If you need to drop out of a class you have registered for, we can shift you to a different class group of this or another Round Table Storytelling course at a similar price with dates that work better for your schedule. Cancellation must be made no later than two weeks after the kick-off date and reregistration must be to a session that begins within a year of cancellation. Repetition of specific classes is not guaranteed. To cancel, please reach out to your instructor.

How will I know if the class’s group Zoom calls will work for my schedule?

You can view the class call schedule and other details by clicking here.