Unearth: My Journey to Conscious Capitalism

Like us, Conscious Capitalism has been in your blood for much longer than you’ve been part of the movement. We would argue it is part of your DNA. But can you tell the story behind your WHY?

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The Four Pillars of Your Conscious Capitalism Story

Through seven weeks of guided facilitation, you’ll capture your WHY in your own authentic voice, and then share it in a way that pulls your entire class to the edge of their seats. And that’s just the beginning.

  • Uncover the 15-minute TEDx talk version of your higher purpose

  • Align stakeholder orientation so that everyone wins from your time on stage (the audience, the event, you!)

  • Elevate the quality of your storytelling to elevate the conscious culture of any event at which you speak

  • Help your audience to better see themselves through your journey to conscious leadership

This Course is Ideal for Conscious Capitalists Who:

  • Feel called to share their story from the stage or as a declaration of their brand

  • Possess high standards for being of service and are looking to magnify their impact in the world

  • Are compelled to spread the message of Conscious Capitalism both within and outside of our Conscious Capitalism community

  • Are committed to representing Conscious Capitalism thoughtfully and in meaningful ways

This course is NOT ideal for those who:

  • Are only looking to promote their company from the stage

  • Are not committed to creating a thoughtful experience for audiences

  • Run screaming at the idea of vulnerability

  • Are only looking to share their highlight reel

You will walk away from this course with:

  • The 10- to 15-minute TEDx talk version of your higher purpose/journey to Conscious Capitalism

  • A 2,000- to 4,000-word written version of your story

  • Pages and pages of additional content you can add back in for various opportunities

  • The confidence that comes from not only having captured your story, but from sharing it with other Conscious Capitalists in a safe environment where you will witness the power of your story firsthand

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What’s Included

15 Guided Videos

Guidance through the storytelling process directly from Corey Blake

22 Readings

Original content from Corey’s storytelling team

24 Film Clips and TED Talks

Examples to enhance your learning

8 Group Experiences

Lean on and grow alongside other Conscious Capitalists

12 Journaling Lessons

Unpack the defining moments in your journey

365 Days of Access

Return to the content as frequently as you like for a year

What’s the Investment?

$1,145 or 3 x $458 USD

Launch special: $795 or 3 x $265 USD

Limited seats are available for this intimate class offered at this introductory price. As you consider making this investment in yourself, please consider that this course is a guaranteed transformational experience—not a transactional one.

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Why learn to tell your story from Corey Blake?

Corey has been a regular speaker and storyteller at national Conscious Capitalism conferences since 2015. Corey’s award-winning film, Vulnerability is Sexy, was featured at the 2016 CEO Summit, his crowdsourced community story “My Path to Purpose” was brought to life by his team and featured at the Summit in 2017, his company’s vulnerability walls have been showcased at six national events, his eye-gazing at three, and he and his team told the stories of nine Conscious Capitalists through art and poetry at the 2018 annual conference. Corey has taught workshops at chapter events in Dallas and Philadelphia and emceed the annual chapter event in Los Angeles in 2019 and in Portland in both 2019 and 2020. As the publisher of Conscious Capitalism Press, Round Table has published members of the community including Safwan Shah, Laura Hall, Kari Warberg Block, Rosie Ward, Mike McFall, and Ed Offterdinger.

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