Vulnerability is Sexy
The Game

We believe everyone has a story to share, and our stories—the proud ones and the not-so-proud ones—are what make us beautiful. That’s why we created Vulnerability is Sexy, a card game that helps players reveal their true selves and give each other some of life's most beautiful gifts: time, truth, and connection.

Vulnerability is Sexy Game

About the Game

How to Play

Ready to create deeper connection? Let’s dive into why we created this game and how to get started!

The Game in Action

You know how to play and now it is time to experience the magic of connection yourself. Vulnerability is sexy and so are you.

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Vulnerability Is Sexy - A Card Game About Connections, 3 Levels to Choose From, Break The Ice / Get Vulnerable / Laugh A Little - For Up to 20 Players

  • 150 questions to help you break through barriers and forge strong bonds with each other. Break the ice, get vulnerable, & laugh a little
  • Features 15 preset action cards to determine the order of play and 15 blank action cards to customize the game
  • Recommended for 2 to 12 adults who are willing to allow themselves to be seen and embrace connection
  • Developed after a decade of using deep and honest relationships as the foundation for stories
  • Perfect Card Game for Icebreakers at company parties, retreats; or just for fun

UPC: 792382396122