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Do you dream of joining the RTC team to craft life-changing stories?

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Wondering what it’s like to work at Round Table Companies?

Joining RTC means pulling up a chair to a table full of talented artists and storytellers who are dedicated to discovering and celebrating every client’s unique story. Together, we listen closely, dream big, and work hard to create the books, audio books, comics, children’s books, films, art installations, and more that will move that story from the client’s heart out into the world.

Thinking you’d like to join us at the Table?

These are the core values we live by:

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If you’ve been nodding along, you may have the heart to become a part of the RTC team. There are many roles to play—we are writers, editors, designers, proofreaders, illustrators, project managers, client care coordinators, and directors—and many of us play more than one role on any given day.

We also bring our authentic selves to work every day. We acknowledge the bad days and celebrate the good days, standing up for each other and supporting each other all along the way as we serve our clients.

If you’re excited to make an impact with your talent, let’s get the conversation started. To begin, we ask you to send us an email so we can get to know you better.

  1. Please include a subject line that includes "Work inquiry for [job position] role" along with your name and where you saw the role posted.

  2. In the first lines of your email, please tell us why you are interested in working at RTC. What made you reach out to us, in particular?

  3. Please include your most recent work resume as an attachment to your email. We want to know about your skills, education, and experiences and what makes them uniquely yours.

  4. Send your email to [email protected].

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