Asking Powerful Questions

Arriving at more powerful answers becomes possible only when we start asking more powerful questions.



“What we observe is not nature itself, but nature exposed to our method of questioning.”

Werner Heisenberg
Physics and Philosophy

Who is this minicourse for?

  • Leaders Ready to Take Greater Risks on the Path to Higher Performance

    Leaders will learn to disrupt the thinking of their teams by asking the kinds of questions that pull people to the edge of their seats, elevate the team’s deeper wisdom, and expedite innovation.

  • Coaches and Therapists Ready to Radically Level-Up

    Coaches and therapists will learn specific techniques that support their clients in accessing their own embodied wisdom, helping them to break out of long-held patterns and beliefs.

  • Artists Ready to Speak Their Truth

    Artists will learn to use these techniques to gain greater access to the entire world inside of them that they are working to express.

  • Marketing Professionals Ready to Stand Out from All the Clutter

    Marketers will learn how to engage their customers with more authentic provocation and how to zero in on the questions and stories that deeply resonate with their stakeholders.

What’s Included

14 Pages Connecting Listening to Questions

Explore the ways listening and arriving at powerful questions to ask are both deeply personal and creative endeavors.

15 Instructional Audios and Videos

Learn to recognize what is most compelling and filter it through your own curiosity to formulate a powerful question.

6 Tests, Assignments, and Challenges

Further integrate the learning and support your ability to disrupt societal norms with a powerful question.

6 Tip Sheets

Concise reminders on listening for language, physical impact, activating imagination, the if/then formula, first follow-up question, and more.

Bonus Content: 2 Formulas

The four-part question formula and the if/then equation to support you in surfacing powerful questions that lead to more dynamic insights.

Corey Blake, Founder, Round Table Storytelling Academy

“I’m here because I believe that if I can teach you to ask more powerful questions in your life, then I can pull you to the edge where life is more exciting.”

About this minicourse:

  • Recommended Prerequisites

    Hero’s Journey Crash Course

    Vulnerability and Psychological Safety

    Beyond Active Listening

  • Instructor

    Corey Blake

  • Start Date

    Immediately upon enrollment

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  • Devices

    Experience the course from a computer, phone, or tablet

  • Duplication

    This content is NOT covered in any other course




3.3 hours

Class length


Introductory cost

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Asking Powerful questions

Fourth in the Listening to Your Life minicourse series

While Asking Powerful Questions is its own minicourse, we do recommend it be taken after the Hero’s Journey Crash Course, Vulnerability and Psychological Safety, and Beyond Active Listening. But we won’t stand in the way of a hero …