Listen to Your Life: Minicourse Series

A four-minicourse bundle to reveal the depths of your brilliance and beauty through storytelling. Learn the pathway to transformation, how to manifest your own psychological safety, techniques to listen to the world around you in entirely new ways, and an approach to asking powerful questions that will make you the cocreator of the heroic life you’re called to live.

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Corey Blake, Founder, Round Table Storytelling Academy

“There are four key ingredients to unearthing the treasure in your life.”

The Four Minicourses



12 hours

Class length



What’s Included

25 Instructional Videos and TEDx Talks

Instructional videos that educate, guide, and inspire your learning.

15 Audios

Audio examples to dial in your listening and put your learning to work.

22 Readings

Stories and explorations to provoke deeper thinking.

15 Film Clips

Storytelling examples from popular films.

25 Assignments, Exercises, Quizzes, and Challenges

Your participation in your own learning is where the magic happens.

9 Tip sheets

Hints, reminders, and shortcuts to help you keep what you are learning top of mind.

4 Bonuses!

Our seven-page PDF on superpowers, our Addy Award–winning short film Vulnerability is Sexy, and formulas to help elevate powerful questions.