Beyond Active Listening

How we listen to one another has a profound impact on how connected we feel to the people we care about in our lives.



Who is this minicourse for?

  • Leaders Looking to Create a Listening Culture

    Leaders will learn to demonstrate a unique approach to listening that will ensure their teams feel seen and heard in ways that expedite growth and heighten performance.

  • Coaches and Therapists Interested in Deepening Their Listening Capacity

    Coaches will learn to combine their clients' language patterns with the data from their own physical reactions to determine pathways that reveal entirely new depth.

  • Artists Looking to More Deeply Explore the Human Condition

    Artists will learn to hear their subjects, characters, and selves more deeply, and how to spot the doors and windows that lead to profoundly grander truths within their work.

  • Marketing Professionals Wanting to Ensure Their Customers Feel Heard

    Marketers will learn techniques to listen more deeply to their customers so they can reflect back a more authentic story and demonstrate to customers that they have been heard.

What’s Included

20 Pages of Listening Techniques

Specific techniques to parse through the data coming off of a storyteller alongside the data that emerges from within you as you listen.

6 Instructional Audios and Videos

Instruction and examples that highlight the range of data you have to choose from as you learn to personalize your listening experience in preparation for the ways you will cocreate with your storyteller.

6 Tests, Assignments, Exercises, and Challenges

Multiple choice questions, journaling prompts, and listening exercises to narrow your focus in on what, within all the data, is most compelling to you as the listener.

Corey Blake, Founder, Round Table Storytelling Academy

“How we listen to one another has a profound impact on how connected we feel to the people that we care about in our lives.”

About This Minicourse

  • Recommended Prerequisites

    Hero’s Journey Crash Course

    Vulnerability and Psychological Safety

    (or a seven-week flagship class)

  • Instructor

    Corey Blake

  • Start Date

    Immediately upon enrollment

  • Style


  • Devices

    Experience the course from a computer, phone, or tablet

  • Duplication

    This content is NOT covered in any other course




2.25 hours

Class length


Introductory cost

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Beyond Active Listening

Third in the Listen to Your Life minicourse series

While Beyond Active Listening is its own minicourse, we do recommend it be taken after the Hero’s Journey Crash Course and Vulnerability and Psychological Safety (or a seven- or twelve-week flagship class). But we won’t stand in the way of a hero …