Happy Birthday to Me: Shelby Sansone’s Story

By: RTC Team in Hero Stories

Hero stories are the end product of our 10-week classes, where participants share a version of their hero’s journey with their classmates.

All stories included in this section of our blog have been made available with the permission of the participant.

Shelby Sansone

Happy Birthday to Me

As she wrestles with devastating gun violence day after day, the youngest on-air reporter at Fox 13 discovers that hope is not found in every community, dreaming is something people can do only with a support system, and service comes with sacrifice worth making.

“It was like a virtual therapy camp in a writing format and I feel so blessed to have gone through this journey with my classmates. You guys have something incredibly special and are truly changing lives. I learned so much from your class!”

Shelby Sansone, Content Writer, Improving

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