It’s All Gonna Be Okay: Sharon Rowe’s Story

By: RTC Team in Hero Stories

Hero stories are the end product of our 10-week classes, where participants share a version of their hero’s journey with their classmates.

All stories included in this section of our blog have been made available with the permission of the participant.

Sharon Rowe

It’s All Gonna Be Okay

A woman who cherishes her family has finally found the love that little girls dream of, when insurmountable loss forces her to rely on others’ belief until she can believe in herself again.

“I’m learning about me. I’m meeting me. Through this, I’m finding I’m a hero. I am. It’s beautiful how you can find you. I have opened up to my family about things that I’ve never talked about. That has made them open back up to me. This is weird, but it’s awesome . . . how it’s got so many avenues . . . I could talk for hours about this course.”

Sharon Rowe, Artist

Sharon was one of the 250 associates from PCI who has gone through our classes. In August of 2022, PCI was ranked #55 on the Fortune 100 list of Best Medium-Sized Companies to work for.

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