Scott Winicour Reflects on Working with Round Table Companies

By: Scott Winicour, CEO, Gibraltar Business Capital in Company Culture

I run a specialty finance business where customer service is critical to our success. Our first few years were successful and the growth was solid. When we started to build a 5 year future plan, we realized that in order to achieve our goals, we needed to focus more on employee engagement. The leadership team decided to focus on mission, purpose and values. Coming up with those definitions, while time consuming, was actually the easy part. Rolling them out and inspiring our employees to buy into them and practice them was the difficult part. We knew we needed help and turned to Corey Blake and RTC. Corey was able to quickly assess and understand where we were and who we wanted to be. That background served as the starting point for Corey to help us plan how to roll out our mission, purpose and values. His coaching style was refreshing and unique. He offered ideas and suggestions. He was creative and flexible. Confident, but not cocky. He never tried to sway us one way or the other. Rather, he tried to turn the tables to get us to answer our own questions. Teach a man to fish, as they say…

We hired Corey to help the leadership team present our core values at our quarterly company meeting. Corey was efficient and very effective. He was able to engage the entire crowd immediately and capture their attention. He shared stories that showed his vulnerability which helped set the tone for the meeting. Our employee base was able to let their guard down which enabled them to participate. The difference between this company meeting and prior company meetings was night and day. Corey’s expertise not only set the tone for the company meeting but more importantly taught the leadership team valuable tools to use to continue the build out of our culture. I would highly recommend Corey and the RTC team.