Setting Boundaries in the Workplace

By: Corey Blake, CEO Round Table Companies in Psychological Safety

On the Business Breakthrough podcast, host Estie Rand invited Corey Blake, CEO and founder of Round Table Companies, to lean into his own vulnerability as he shared advice and insight through storytelling on setting boundaries in the workplace.

Corey Blake reveals the contents of that big black hole inside each one of us called vulnerability through the art of storytelling and book writing. Corey not only shares his incredibly moving and relatable story, but he also explains the law of vulnerability which takes people’s weakest points and turns them into literal works of art.

The intensity of the environment and relationships in the workplace exceed anything that most people have previously experienced during school and college. The amount of time, stress, and experiences shared with work colleagues is immense, and not many people have the developmental toolkit to always handle themselves gracefully in this type of setting. Sometimes, this leads to inappropriate behavior where lines can be crossed, jeopardizing not only relationships, but also business outcomes and team operations.

As Corey discovered, sometimes, to avoid undermining colleagues and the goals of the organization itself, it can be crucial to set up boundaries that prevent you from misbehaving if you are not sure you can be trusted in certain situations. These boundaries can also become problematic unto themselves, as Corey also discovered.

Today, Corey works with company cultures to help them align, deepen, sustain, and fortify their entire ecosystem. Learning how to set boundaries is part of the Deepen stage, where Corey teaches employees how to manifest their own psychological safety.

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