Deepen psychological safety throughout the organization to prepare employees for company culture transformation

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Believe Conscious Leadership is the key to Conscious Culture? You’re betting against the house.

Your employees are hiding from your purpose because they don’t feel safe. Your systems, processes, and culture are triggering that fear.

  • Have you made the assumption that employees are coming to work emotionally healthy?

  • How are you teaching employees to better relate to themselves so there’s a cascading impact to their other workplace relationships?

  • Are employees listening to speak, or are they trained to hear, diagnose a challenge, and take an appropriate course of action?

  • Do your people feel safe to ask the inherently risky powerful questions that can save the company immense time and resources?

  • Can your employees hear what is unspoken, and do they practice the courage required to lean in with curiosity and ask questions?

  • Are you up-leveling them with tools to meet difficult truths with grace vs. drama?

Deepen Is the Reframing of Who They Are

Setting the Stage for Transformation

Our Deepen process is the second stage in a company’s hierarchy of growth—where employees are taught how to manifest psychological safety from within themselves so that safety can be leveraged into personal growth and cascaded outward to teams and departments.

Foundations of Psychological Safety

Learning and practicing presence, non-judgment, and letting go of the need to “fix” one another.

Listening Differently and Asking Powerful Questions

Learning to listen to word choice, body language, inflection, and what isn’t spoken, and then how to source powerful questions that lead to more targeted action.

Owning My WHY

Excavating and sharing a powerful life story to reframe and own each employee’s superpowers and kryptonite to ignite the full capacity within them.