Align Your Company Culture Toward the Future

There’s a disconnect between company culture and employees’ personal purpose. 85% of frontline managers and frontline workers do not believe they can live their purpose at work.

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Align Your Company Culture for Growth

Our Align process reduces the cost of turnover, low productivity, and disengagement. by pointing everyone throughout the organization in the same direction, and exciting the entire team to row in unison.

  • Our Courageous Culture: My Powerful Purpose (workshop + BONUS 90 days of follow-up content)

    Through our tested and proven proprietary methodology, your employees uncover their personal purpose and connect it to your organization to awaken and inspire each of them to the unique contribution that only they make.

  • Leadership Package (workshop + PARTICIPANT RESPONSE SUMMARY + bonus 90 days of follow-up content for employees + separate content for leaders)

    Retain your employees by teaching your frontline and middle managers about themselves and their unique leadership style, as well as techniques to augment trust within their teams.

  • Company Culture Temperature Check

    Take a diagnostic test of your organization's culture, including a realistic look at how aligned your walk is to your talk, with particular insight into the current advantages and risks that will impact your ability to meet your desired outcomes.

  • Revisiting Purpose and Values

    When your organization's walk is out of alignment with it's talk, the language and story presented by your purpose and values are failing to connect to the day-to-day behaviors and decisions of your employees. They must be revisited to create clarity and inspire unification.

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Align Your Company Culture

Check out our one-sheet on the Align process, including short course descriptions and top outcomes.

Where we are with our Align offerings

Our Courageous Culture: My Powerful Purpose (workshop + BONUS 90 days of follow-up content)

The 75-minute, asynchronous, highly rated workshop is live and available for purchase. BONUS follow-up content is available in beta form and is currently being tested (with an email open rate above 60 percent). LEARN MORE.

Leadership Package (workshop + PARTICIPANT RESPONSE SUMMARY + bonus follow-up content)

The Leadership Package is available with a minimum purchase of five seats (the leader + four team members). There is no maximum. LEARN MORE.

Company Culture Temperature Check

The temperature check has been beta tested across six companies. We are currently pricing this offering for availability soon. Contact us for more information.

Revisiting Purpose and Values

This service is offered on a limited basis, relative to the results of the Company Culture Temperature Check analysis.