Align Your Company Culture

Aligning your organization’s purpose and value language with the behavior of your people at every level not only enhances the credibility of your leadership, it provides an imperative foundation of trust by demonstrating that you do what you say.

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Your Company Is in the Midst of an Identity Crisis

When your purpose and values are not supported by systems and processes, walking your talk becomes a game of chance.

  • Is your approach to upholding your values currently dependent upon the human beings you employ?

  • Are your employees emotionally healthy enough to own decisions which are out of alignment and make reparations if necessary?

  • Do you have visibility into where your culture confuses employees and erodes trust?

  • Are you making investments in the psychological safety of your culture to support your business outcomes?

  • Are you focused on elevating the consciousness of your leaders in the hopes that everyone else will follow?

  • What is your mechanism for encouraging the inherent messiness of aligning employee behavior to your purpose and values?

When it Comes to Company Culture, You’ve Been Driving Blind

Before you hit the gas pedal, maybe it would make sense to confirm you’re on course . . .

Finally! A Way to See the Gaps

Our Align process is the first of four stages in a company culture’s hierarchy of growth—where gaps between your talk and your walk are revealed across all your business functions, so we can strategize your path to higher ground.

4 Stages Of A Courageous Culture Align Wider

Language Gaps

We review your purpose and values language across all systems and processes.

Behavior Gaps

We review behaviors modeled by leadership and adopted by subsequent layers of the organization.

Innovation Gaps

We assess your organization’s psychological safety to determine employee willingness to take appropriate risks.