Without a Script: Sasja Nieukerk-Chomos’s Story

By: RTC Team in Hero Stories

Hero stories are the end product of our 10-week classes, where participants share a version of their hero’s journey with their classmates.

All stories included in this section of our blog have been made available with the permission of the participant.

Sasja Nieukerk-Chomos

Without a Script

A carefree and independent young woman’s focus on building an illustrious career is upended when she moves back home to deal with a family tragedy.

“I have been so moved from the entire experience of this class—how I’m experiencing others and knowing more about them in a few short weeks than what I know about most people in a lifetime. And of course how I’m uncovering deeper layers of myself.”

Sasja Nieukerk-Chomos, Executive Coach / Speaker / Leadership Consultant

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