Hero’s Journey Crash Course

Learn the pathway to transformation and growth for every human being and every organization that exists today.

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Who is this minicourse for?

  • Leaders Looking to Better Understand Their People

    Leaders responsible for motivating others will improve their success rate by more deeply understanding the heroic nature of those they lead.

  • Coaches and Therapists Looking for a More Intimate Look at Human Transformation

    Those who guide others toward a better version of themselves will improve their effectiveness through a deeper understanding of the human pathway to transformation.

  • Artists Looking to Take Their Audiences on a More Complete Emotional Journey

    Artists who reflect the human condition through their work will add layers of depth and truth into the work they produce and share with the world.

  • Marketing Professionals Interested in Discovering What Is Heroic about Their Organization

    Professionals tasked with telling the story of a business will gain access to a more cinematic approach to sharing what is beautifully and brilliantly authentic about their organization.


What’s Included

8 Instructional Videos and TEDx Talks

Original videos from our founder as well as aggregated content from expert sources on the hero’s journey.

15 Clips from Popular Films

Learn about the stages of the hero’s journey through examples from some of the most popular films of all time.

11 Readings

A deep dive into each stage of the hero’s journey using theory direct from Joseph Campbell and Christopher Vogler, and vulnerable examples from the life of our founder Corey Blake.

8 Tests and Challenges

Put the learning into practice immediately through multiple choice questions and by working with an original story to break down the stages for yourself.

Bonus Content

A seven-page PDF on the superpowers we manifest as heroes and the shadow side of those gifts that will inevitably show up as kryptonite in our lives.

Corey Blake, Founder, Round Table Storytelling Academy

“I love the hero’s journey so very much that it’s become the basis of everything we do at Round Table Storytelling Academy.”

About This Minicourse

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  • Instructor

    Corey Blake

  • Start Date

    Immediately upon enrollment

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  • Devices

    Experience the course from a computer, phone, or tablet

  • Duplication

    This content is covered in all of our seven- and twelve-week flagship courses

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4 hours

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Introductory cost

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Hero’s Journey Crash Course

First in the Listen to Your Life minicourse series

Interested in taking this course alone? We won’t stand in the way of a hero …