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Insights in Get to Know Us

From Essayist to Published Author: Meet RTC’s Heidi Jon Schmidt

A writer from an early age, Heidi absorbs her inspiration from the world around her. A push from a professor, followed by a rejection letter, and then a big fat check set her on the path to follow what she was always meant to do, write.

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Delivering Joy

Wife. Mom. Teacher. Learner. President. Kristin Westberg has held many titles in her life. What do they all have in common? Joy.

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The Triple Threat

With a compassionate heart, a caring nature, and the ability to connect deeply, Yolanda embodies the RTC spirit and shares it with our clients.

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World Traveler with a Big Heart

From reading to singing, writing to coaching, Rebecca can do it all and she does it all with the beach as her backdrop!

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Portrait of an Artist

We all have that one job we want to have when we grow up. We dream about it, work towards it, and hope that we succeed. For RTC artist, Nathan Lueth, his dream became a reality! From caricatures to comics, he can do it all!

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