Mastering Trust

Three out of four US employees do not trust the leadership of their organization. When employees don’t find their leaders trustworthy, only 1 in 12 are engaged at work.

Every Action Builds or Erodes Trust

In the Mastering Trust online course, participants learn powerful trust-deepening techniques that leverage their attitude, authenticity, and self-awareness, to accelerate trust, strengthen work relationships, and enhance team effectiveness.

Learning outcomes participants will understand and practice:

the three agreements for creating psychological safety

slowing down storytelling that may otherwise undermine their intent

ways to support and deepen presence with customers and colleagues

lessening judgment of self and others

letting go of the need to rescue and be rescued

leaning into (appropriate) vulnerability at work

When you trust somebody, your motivation and your desire to bring your best for the team’s work comes to a whole new level. This course has helped bring that to light.

Eric Wade
Eric Wade
Inside Sales Manager, PCI

Benefits participants will walk away with:

A stronger bond between team members

Increased engagement, trust, and confidence in engaging with customers

Tools to support their psychologically safety, regardless of external factors

Techniques to take risks and express vulnerability appropriately at work

Improved confidence in their own trustworthiness

Mastering Trust Course Logistics

80% asynchronous video guidance, 20% group facilitation on Zoom

  • 4-week course

  • 3 to 5 hours per week
    1. Average 2-3 hours of asynchronous training (varies by individual)

    2. 90 minutes group facilitation

  • Cohorts of up to 25 people each
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Mastering Trust

Check out our one-sheet on the Mastering Trust course, including learning outcomes, benefits, and program logistics.

Contents of Mastering Trust (4‑week Course)


2 videos
  • Welcome
  • We are Telling Stories All the Time
  • You are Contagious
1 survey
  • Self-talk Assessment
1 audio
  • Prepare to be Amazed
1 group facilitated experience
  • Building Trust Quickly


5 videos
  • Psychological Safety Begins with You
  • Your First Challenge
  • Diving into Vulnerability
  • Vulnerability is Sexy TEDx Talk
  • Vulnerability is Sexy Film
2 tip sheets
  • Creating a Supportive Environment for Yourself and Others
  • 10 Tips to Vulnerable Strength
1 quiz
  • Vulnerability is Contagious
1 assignment
  • Taking Greater Risks
3 articles
  • What Does Psychological Safety Look Like?
  • Vulnerability at Work
  • Practice with Care


4 videos
  • Psychological Safety
  • Presence
  • Hey Detective: Solve the Crime
  • How Perceptive are You?
1 article
  • The First Agreement: Presence
1 group experience
  • Presence at Play
2 assignments
  • Presence Journaling Assignment
  • Practicing Presence at Play


4 videos
  • Suspending Judgment
  • This is Water
  • No Fixing Each Other
  • The Art of Kintsugi
2 articles
  • The Second Agreement: Suspending Judgment
  • The Third Agreement: No Fixing Each Other
1 group experience
  • Releasing Self-Judgment
3 assignments
  • Suspending Judgment Journaling Assignment
  • No Fixing Journaling Assignment
  • Practice the Suspension of Judgment


2 articles
  • Creating Psychological Safety for You & Others
  • Every Interaction Enhances or Reduces Trust
1 group experience
  • The Great Imbalance