Mastering Trust

Without trust, company culture doesn’t stand a chance. Employees who experience a high-trust culture are 106% more energetic at work and 76% more engaged than those who are in a low-trust environment (Harvard Business Review).

To maximize the success of your culture, educate your employees on how to manifest profoundly deeper trust throughout your organization.

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Profoundly Deeper Trust Starts Here

In our self-paced online course—Mastering Trust—leaders and employees will learn powerful techniques that leverage their attitude, authenticity, and self-awareness to accelerate trust in work relationships, enhance team effectiveness, and contribute to a courageous company culture.

Mastering Trust learning outcomes:

The single most important key to trusting others

The fastest technique to determine trustworthiness

The three foundational pillars of trust

How to ensure we are treated as a human being versus an obstacle

The greatest contributor to eroding trust

The quickest ways to rebuild trust

Low Trust = Lost Productivity

Employees who are not engaged or who are actively disengaged cost the world $7.8 trillion in lost productivity. That’s equal to 11% of global GDP. (Gallup’s State of the Global Workplace: 2022 Report)


Benefits participants will walk away with:

Increased engagement, trust, and confidence in engaging with customers

Tools to support their psychological safety, regardless of external factors

Techniques to take risks and express vulnerability appropriately at work

Improved confidence in their own trustworthiness

When you trust somebody, your motivation and your desire to bring your best for the team’s work comes to a whole new level. This course has helped bring that to light.

Eric Wade
Eric Wade
Inside Sales Manager, PCI

Mastering Trust — A Quick Look

Approximately 4 to 5 hours of 100% self-paced content

Recommended over two weeks’ time

Deepen Your Company Culture

As part of our Courageous Company Culture program, Mastering Trust focuses on deepening vulnerability, enhancing communication and self-awareness, and establishing psychological safety for a thriving culture.

  • Understanding Trust

    In the first week of Mastering Trust, participants learn self-awareness techniques to slow themselves down during challenging situations or conversations, and how to leverage vulnerability to manifest trust around them.

  • Enhancing Trust Among Teams

    In the second of week of the course, participants are introduced to the three agreements for creating psychological safety, and learn how to rebuild trust when it has been eroded.

  • Enroll Individually or as a Group

    Because the course is self-paced, employees, managers, and leaders can move through the content at their own speed or as a group, team, or department. Approximately 4 to 5 hours to complete.

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What the content includes:

18 Audio/Video Recordings

Visually engage via original videos featuring Corey Blake, as well as aggregated content from expert sources.

13 Readings

Read articles on a variety of topics, including: our primitive responses as human beings, the practice of vulnerability, and creating psychological safety at work.

5 Writing Assignments

Go deeper with a handful of journaling exercises to explore moments that have shaped who you are and how you innately approach trust.

4 Quizzes

Test your knowledge with comprehensive quiz questions designed to inspire, challenge, and ensure you are integrating the learning.

3 Surveys

Check in with yourself and see how much you’ve grown throughout the course.

1 Tip Sheet

Concise and convenient reminders of the teachings.

Upgrade Your Team Experience with Corey Blake

For teams and departments, upgrade your Mastering Trust course experience with the expert guidance and hands-on facilitation of Corey Blake. Alongside the original, self-paced course content, participants will have the opportunity to attend three “live” group experiences over Zoom. During these experiential sessions, Corey will challenge participants to strengthen their trust and activate their learnings as a team.

With 3.5 hours of added learning to Mastering Trust, the benefits of this upgrade include

  • the opportunity to practice trust-building techniques,
  • real-time facilitation of trust principles from the course content, and
  • step-by-step guidance from Corey as participants lean into vulnerability—together.
Four Stages Deepen Pattern

Mastering Trust

Check out more information on the Mastering Trust course, including learning outcomes, benefits, and program logistics.