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Corey Blake

CEO and Founder, Artist, Speaker, Storyteller

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Corey Blake began his storytelling career as an actor, starring in one of the 50 greatest Superbowl commercials of all time (Mountain Dew, Bohemian Rhapsody) and in campaigns for American Express, Miller Beer, Mitsubishi, Wrigley's Gum, Hasbro, and other name brands. Today, Corey is the founder and CEO of Round Table Companies (RTC), the publisher of Conscious Capitalism Press, and a speaker, artist, and storyteller. He has been featured on the cover of the Wall Street Journal and his work in storytelling has been quoted/featured in the New York Times, USA Today, and Inc., Forbes, and Wired Magazines. Corey pioneered the business comic book, packaging and publishing dozens of titles—including best sellers by Tony Hsieh, Marshall Goldsmith, and Robert Cialdini, and has spent over a decade guiding CEOs, founders, and thought leaders to set up a storytelling ecosystem around their brand, including writing the book they were born to write. His work has yielded 15 Independent Publisher Awards, a Belding, a Bronze Lion, and a London International Advertising Award. His articles have been published in Writer Magazine, and on FastCompany, and The Huffington Post. He is also the creator of the Vulnerability Wall—whose clients include Microsoft, ADP, Marketo, and Workday— and the Vulnerability is SexyTM card game. His documentary of the same name won 2017 ADDY and HERMES awards for branded content, and his TEDx talk has over 20,000 views. Corey travels around the country delivering keynotes and facilitating storytelling workshops for organizations of all sizes. Check out where Corey will be this year.

Kristin Westberg

President and Integrator


Kristin Westberg came to RTC over a decade ago from the world of academia. As a graduate of Vanderbilt and Clemson Universities with two masters degrees and nine years in the classroom observing the way individuals share information and engage with material, Kristin has used her background in leadership development and organizational effectiveness to support the structuring and growth of RTC as both its President and Integrator, as well as the professional development and training of staff members, and the transformative work that RTC does with its Clients over her ten years with the organization.

Kristin is a 2017 graduate of the Stagen Integral Leadership Program, a member of FIM, and an avid supporter of the Conscious Capitalism movement. Because RTC and its nearly 40 member team is entirely remote and works virtually, Kristin has taken a personal interest in supporting the development of a strong virtual culture as well as empowering female leaders and mothers in the workplace, and the professionalizing of personal development within organizations.

Kristin lives in Florida with her husband, Joe, and their three children, Kelsey, Kirby, and Grice, and two golden retrievers Bear and Birdie. The daughter of a football coach, she appreciates a good sports metaphor and is constantly adding to her own personal and professional play books. Kristin stands for seeing possibilities, sharing positivity, and showing up authentically and this stand carries over into the work she does, the relationships she builds with team members and clients, and the way she approaches life in general.

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Andrea Yahr

Director of Finance and HR

Andrea Yahr, Head of Finance since 2016, is in charge of payroll, budgeting, finances, accounting, royalties, book orders, HR, and bookkeeping at RTC. She’s the one who spends 18 hours each year on continuing education in US tax rules and regulations and who has QuickBooks certification as well as a specialization in clergy tax.

With a head for numbers and a heart of service, Andrea brings more than 20 years of experience in taxes and accounting to the table. For more than 15 of those years, Andrea has operated her own bookkeeping and tax company, where she currently supports over 320 clients. As part of her business, she also provides pro bono financial work for her community.

When Andrea is not wrangling numbers, she spends time with her four daughters and her husband Karl. She enjoys reading fiction and watching Netflix. And it’s not just numbers that are music to her ears; Andrea also plays the organ at local churches.

Yolanda Knight

Director of Client Relations, Executive Assistant to Corey Blake


"Yolanda represents the heart of RTC" - Corey Blake, CEO

Yolanda has successfully brought hundreds of clients into the Round Table Companies family, introducing them to their creative teams and nurturing them along the way. She recognizes the uniqueness of every client project and fosters the true soul and brilliance of every endeavor at RTC.

She listens to the dreams and goals clients have for their stories and she matches them with creative teams interested in writing comic books, platforms, novels, books, and other creative expressions. Whether a project at RTC is going smoothly or needs some love, Yolanda acts as a support for RTC staff and advocates for clients through every step.

Yolanda's nurturing nature has earned her the nickname “Mama Yo.” She has always cared for animals and others, currently showering love on her husband, Matthew, their beloved Chihuahuas, Buster and Bella, cooking, and the Georgia Bulldogs.

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Sunny DiMartino

Director of Publishing and Visual Design

Sunny has a decade of book design experience and has created interior layouts, covers, and/or digital versions for nearly 140 books including business topics, memoirs, illustrated books, workbooks, and test prep books with complex math typesetting. With an eye for detail, she oversees the design and publication of all RTC and Conscious Capitalism Press books. She has over 15 years of experience with Adobe InDesign and offers an online course to other book design professionals. A designer for as long as she can remember, Sunny has also provided layout or creative direction for countless brand pieces over the years. She enjoys hand lettering and helped to pioneer RTC’s live art installations, providing structural design, creative direction, management, and onsite artistry. Sunny has been growing personally and professionally with RTC since 2009. Her personal endeavors these days are line dancing, stand-up paddleboarding, and attempting to learn the guitar.

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Keli McNeill

Senior Project Manager

Douglas Adams is famous for saying “I love deadlines. I love the whooshing noise they make as they go by.” Thanks to Keli McNeill, Round Table Companies sees very little whooshing. As Project Manager, Keli is in charge of timelines and keeps everyone on track. She helps teams and clients communicate and supports platform development and our website to help RTC share beautiful stories.

Keli received her BS degree in English Literature Education from Appalachian State University and managed classrooms of 20+ students for seven years. Her experiences in the classroom and her family of five children and a husband have honed her scheduling, routine-building, and organization skills to a fine art. Keli is a pro at making a to-do list and knowing when things need to be done.

Keli has been at RTC for over five years and has helped bring more than twenty books and projects to life. She has been instrumental in Terlato Wines, ORP, and other key projects. Her background in education has also made her the go-to person for children’s and educational projects at RTC.

A true Florida native turned mountain girl, Keli knows a night of karaoke will always do the soul good. She loves learning something new everyday through the variety of books and work at RTC. When she’s not helping clients realize their book dreams, Keli is reading. She has a mile-long Amazon wish list and pile of books in her home, so she’s always exploring new ideas.

Kelsey Servi

Client Care Coordinator

Kelsey is the Client Care Coordinator at RTC, offering administrative support to the sales team and helping clients interested in working with RTC. She is the first point of contact for those interested in our services, answering questions and working out plans to make stories come to life

With six years of customer service and administrative experience, Kelsey knows what it means to speak a client’s language and work to get their needs met. She listens to client stories and goals so she can introduce clients to our team like they are already part of the RTC family. She sets teams and clients up for warm and productive working relationships.

Kelsey holds a B.A. in Advertising/Public Relations and a Minor in Music (classically trained in alto saxophone) from the University of Central Florida. Her education and six years of experience in email marketing and customer service have made Kelsey crucial on platform development projects and sales. We’re so impressed with her ability to communicate our offerings that she plays a key role in RTC’s own marketing. We’re still waiting for a saxophone solo on our calls!

Kelsey is most motivated by being able to make genuine connections and being a support system to others. She’s especially grateful she gets to lead clients in the right direction with RTC, ultimately helping them create their beautiful story so they can share it with the rest of the world. Kelsey is a sucker for a good story ever since she could remember. She has fond memories of her father telling hilarious stories from his childhood growing up with five other siblings (with some great impressions included). Working for an organization that embraces the art of storytelling and offers a helping hand to others is a dream come true for her.

Liz Bauman

Master Transcriptionist

Liz has been the Keeper of the Calls at RTC for over ten years and if anyone should have James Bond music as their entrance music, it’s Liz. She’s heard and kept all the propriety, secret information shared between writers, editors, and clients—and has even transcribed it.

Liz has transcribed tens of thousands of hours of calls and has scheduled thousands of calls. She makes it look easy, but she’s often juggling different time zones, many busy schedules, and tight deadlines. She books calls, answers tech questions about Zoom calls, Uberline calls, Google Calendar, and the other tools RTC uses. She makes sure writing teams have the accurate transcripts they need to create beautiful work.

Liz’s journey to RTC began with transcriptionist training. She had always been organized in school and with a word per minute rate of 88, it seemed like a natural step. Working as a medical transcriptionist for over a year and transcribing doctors’ dictations only marginally less messy than doctors’ handwriting, Liz learned all the obscure medical terms usually reserved for textbooks. She got five-star ratings and rave reviews from her clients for her accuracy and the speed of her transcription, but something was missing.

It wasn’t until she was recruited for the RTC team that Liz realized the missing puzzle piece: working on books that brimmed with purpose and stories helped her enjoy work even more. Today, Liz works with a notebook at her desk, so she can make notes, and a foot pedal that lets her control playback of the audio files she’s always transcribing. When a team member is having problems with a phone call or an RTC client needs something scheduled, Liz is only a quick email away. When she’s not keeping RTC on track, Liz is spending time with (and scheduling and organizing) her family—which includes four children and her husband.

Agata Antonow

Executive Editor

Agata is the executive editor for Conscious Capitalism Press. She has made major contributions to ten books developed by RTC and has lent her talents to dozens of other projects, including graphic novels and a podcast series. A writer since the early 2000s, Agata has graduate degrees in history and English literature. A passionate story collector, Agata has written books, educational materials, marketing content, and blogs for business leaders, lawyers, publishers, and other miscreants. She’s pretty quiet, and you know it’s always the quiet ones, so this bio is to be continued . . .

Kathy Catmull

Executive Editor

A novelist, playwright, and actor in Austin, TX, Kathy has been with RTC since 2014 and has had a hand in editing nearly fifty of our client’s books. As an author, she has three books out with Penguin Random House and HarperCollins. Collectively the honors for The Radiant Road, Summer and Bird, and The Cabinet of Curiosities, include, among other recognition, six starred reviews in industry publications like Publisher’s Weekly; making Booklist's 2012 Top Ten First Novels for Youth, IndieBound New Voices, and the Amazon Editors' Pick lists; being chosen as a Junior Library Guild selection; and selection as one of the New York Public Library's 2014 Best Books for Young Readers.

In her decades as a stage actor in Austin, Kathy has won eight acting awards and starred in a film that premiered at the Sundance Film Festival. She also voices regular roles in video games like DC Universe Online and Wizard 101.

In 2018, Kathy was commissioned by a professional theater to adapt her first book into a theater-for-youth play. Of her nine produced short plays, one was published in New Monologues for Women by Women, Vol II and another was nominated as best original play in Austin’s 2016 B. Iden Payne awards.

She holds a BA in English Literature from Reed College in Portland, OR, and an MA in literature from The University of Texas at Austin.

Heidi Jon Schmidt

Executive Editor

Heidi is the author of five novels and has published stories and essays in The Atlantic, The New York Times, People, and many others. She teaches for 24Pearl, the online writing program from the Fine Arts Work Center. Motherhood has been a daily joy and revelation to her. She's always been obsessed with dioramas, model train villages, living history museums, and, yes, books: different ways to see how a whole society fits together. There's a bit of the superhero in everyone and she loves to discover that, in her characters and her friends.

Genevieve Georget

Executive Editor

Genevieve is a full-time storyteller whose work as a writer and photographer has been seen on, The Good Mother Project, Love in the Rockies, Wedding Bells Magazine, The Huffington Post, and among her online community of 35,000 people. Genevieve’s first book, Her Own Wild Winds, was published in September of 2016 and her second book, Solace, will be released in the Fall of 2019. RTC projects Gen has been integral to include Terlato Wines and First United Bank.

Mary Anna Rodabaugh


With an undergraduate degree in sociology and theater from the College of William and Mary and a Master of Journalism from Temple University, Mary Anna brings over a decade of editorial experience to RTC. At 16, she started her writing career as the youngest journalist for a Gannet weekly paper on the rural Eastern Shore of Virginia. Mary Anna relies on her journalism training to connect with our clients and draw out the unique stories they are destined to write instead of the stories they think should write.

From those early journalism days to now, Mary Anna has always found herself in people-centric professions. She has experience as a social worker, corporate communications manager, and freelance writer and editor for various print and online platforms. She has a soft spot for the elderly and thoroughly enjoys writing monthly articles for a senior citizen newspaper in her home of Philadelphia.

As an empathetic communicator, Mary Anna is a passionate editor and writing coach, showering clients with concise direction and effervescent motivation to see them from manuscript concept to finished product. When she’s not serving as an editorial cheerleader/writing guru at RTC, you can find Mary Anna doting on her Boxer dog, Bronx Brutus, plotting out stories for her stand-up comedy debut, or making progress on her own personal non-fiction humor book.

James Cook


An achiever at heart, James took the long path to becoming a writer and editor first pursuing careers in manufacturing, sales, property management, as well as starting a few businesses. With a lifelong focus on personal growth, James finally rediscovered writing, a skill he had pursued his entire life, and made it his profession in 2016.

His business and management experience brings a unique perspective to our clients’ work, many of whom share his experiences. In the nearly two years he has been with RTC, he has enjoyed helping clients express their stories in books, articles, blog posts, and online platforms. Traveling to conferences such as the Writer's Digest conference and the Conscious Capitalism annual conference, James has worked face-to-face with clients eager to share their knowledge and inspiration. Integral to RTC's culture through his work on the Culture Committee, James has led workshops and online events designed to help writers approach the blank page at their best. He has been featured on the Write Away podcast and was a regular contributor to the 30 Points of View Blog. He has had the pleasure of seeing one of his plays produced by a theater and is working on his second novel.

James lives with his wife and teenage daughter in Massachusetts. When not writing, coaching, or researching, he enjoys most things outdoor: golfing, hiking, kayaking, fishing, surfing, and hopes to try his hand at scuba diving and rock climbing within the next year.

Malary Hill


Malary dove headfirst into storytelling after six years teaching high school students in English and Creative Writing. These years with students taught her not only patience but also compassion and understanding for anyone with a beginner’s mind. In fact, after spending time teaching teenagers to write with passion and purpose, she believes she can teach anyone to do the same! Her background has been much adored by her coaching clients, who appreciate her creative outlook on the writing process and her ability to break down book writing into doable and heart-centered tasks. Her true superpower, though, is her intuitive spirit and ability to understand people, their stories, and how they can be most powerfully shared with the world.

Her educational background has made Malary indispensable in educational and children’s projects at the Table. As a lead writer for Conscious Capitalism Press, Malary has been instrumental in helping authors bring their books to their full potential. An avid curator of all things story, Malary has lent her marketing, blogging and manuscript writing talents to a variety of business leaders both at RTC and in her freelance endeavors. Her work has also been invaluable on countless other RTC projects, including our very own internal staff training program and coaching program.

Sarah Byrd


Sarah has over twelve years of writing experience with novels, screenplays, and teleplays. From her Middle Grade novels to her dark comedy screenplay, her writing mediums change as an idea is crafted in her head. Her gift of plots, characters, and suspense helps her draw readers into a new world until the very last word. As an editor, lead writer, and coach at RTC she has worked with clients to bring their story to paper, coached talented writers, and adapted a story into a podcast. She has been an integral part of many key projects, including those for prominent clients such as Terlato and First United Bank.

Sarah has also worked in photography, web design, and graphic design, marrying images and words to help tell stories for clients such as Celebration Church and others. A web designer and developer for almost fifteen years, she has helped businesses connect with audiences in the digi-tal world and through podcasts. She is fluent in HTML/CSS, Wordpress, Photoshop, Lightroom, and Final Draft as well as other software. Her experience in web spaces and storytelling have al-lowed her to work with clients interested in platform development and in non-traditional story-telling mediums.

Sarah lives in sunny Florida with her husband of seventeen years. While dodging the minefield of Legos, Cheerios, and tossed flip flops, together, they raise four children ages thirteen to two. Their favorite family day would be one of swimming at the pool, biking around the neighbor-hood, and watching the latest Marvel movie, Gilmore Girls, or Winnie The Pooh-depending on who won the t.v. rights that evening.

Sheila Trask


Sheila is a developmental editor and ghostwriter who has worked with dozens of non-fiction authors to get their ideas out of their heads, onto the page, and into readers’ hands. Over the past five years, she has edited or ghostwritten over fifty titles in a wide range of areas, including business, leadership, medicine, finance, mind/body/spirit, and memoir. She also does manuscript evaluation and critique for fiction and non-fiction books, and is pleased to count three New York Times bestsellers among those projects.

As an editor and author coach, Sheila works closely with authors to develop their ideas, create a structure that supports their goals, and capture the thoughts, data, and stories that will bring their ideas to life on the page. She lives for the moment when an author realizes she “gets” their message and that, together, they will make sure the reader does, too. She is also a certified copyeditor who enjoys guiding authors through revising and polishing the final version of their manuscript.

Books have always been a cornerstone in Sheila’s life. Before she entered the publishing world, she received a Master’s degree in Library and Information Science and served as Metadata Librarian at Dartmouth College, where she managed the inner workings of the library’s online catalog to ensure discoverability and easy access to over a million books and other resources in the Dartmouth collection. She also served as Head Librarian at New England Culinary Institute, helping students branch out beyond the kitchen to discover the rich culinary history behind their work. (And yes, she did enjoy eating their homework.)

Sheila was born in Vermont and has never left, even though she knows better, having lived through unforgiving New England winters for decades. Sheila and her husband live on twenty acres in the woods where they homeschooled their son. Now that he has flown the coop, it’s just them, a codependent Golden Retriever, a fearless cat, and, of course, an overflowing library.

Katie Henricks


Katie was born and raised in Oklahoma, but as a woman meant for an unorthodox life, she couldn't wait to hit the road and head West to Los Angeles where she's now lived since 2005. When Katie isn't writing dark tales and dreaming about having the courage to do a stand-up comedy routine, she's busy building a business as a Life & Intimacy Coach, training for a marathon, dancing and being a single mama to her 6-year-old son, Huck, who will likely be a famous US Olympian around year 2030. She's equal parts Harley Quinn, Ina Garten & Khloe Kardashian

Kelly McNamara


Kelly is a nonfiction writer and editor with more than a decade of experience collaborating with clients to conceptualize, write, and edit books and case studies dealing with topics ranging from personal health and wellness to corporate stewardship in the twenty-first century. Her recent clients include Harvard Business School, Ernst & Young (EY), and Scribe Media.

Kelly is also the co-founder of a CT-based private duty homecare company and has leveraged her writing skills as a speaker and industry consultant.

Kelly holds a BA in philosophy from the University of Pennsylvania (Phi Beta Kappa, Summa Cum Laude) and an MPhil in philosophy from the University of Cambridge. She lives in the Hudson Valley with her partner.

Carly Cohen


Carly has always been a word nerd and never leaves the house without a book in her purse. She also loves exploring the Pacific Northwest, from its hiking trails to its breweries. Carly recently discovered her love for gardening, but unfortunately it doesn’t seem to be a reciprocal relationship, yet. She can usually be found with a book in her hand, a cat in her lap, and a cup of coffee close by.

Annie Rose Stathes


Annie Rose Stathes fell for the power of language in third grade when her classmates belly-laughed at her short story. Since then, she's used words to touch hearts and souls and to elucidate illusive ideas. Her formal writing experience derives from earning a BA in International Affairs and an MA in Political Science. During school, she wrote congressional briefs; dozens of essays on culture, economics, and humanity; grant applications; and long papers on complicated issues. After graduation, she taught academic writing and research at the college level. There, she taught that the most important writing, whether academic, creative, or other, comes from the depths of the bones. Meaningful writing, she tried to instill, requires a process of turning one's self inside out to discover something new.

Standing by clients' sides as they turn themselves inside out is another of Annie Rose's loves. She has extensive training in listening, inquiry as an art, and excavating beauty and profundity where there seems to be none. She brings these skills to the table, along with the curiosity, love, and respect she has for human beings and their stories.

Beyond writing, Annie Rose improvises with Improv for the People and devotes much of her time and mind to addressing historically stuck issues, like racism and poverty. She does so through improv, inquiry and dialogue, storytelling, yoga, dance, and breaking bread. Her greatest passion lies in establishing connection among people and inviting people into new territory to learn and grow together. She surfs, runs stairs, chases cats, loves her husband, digs in deep, and otherwise lives life in Los Angeles, CA.

Rebecca Nutt


By day, Rebecca Thomas is a marketing manager in the real estate world. By night, she’s a writer, graphic designer, yoga enthusiast, wine lover, and overall dreamer. She’s basically a superhero saving the world through creativity and innovation, one freelance project at a time!

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Wendy Strain


Always excited about sharing the next story, Wendy’s background includes reporting for several papers in the Star Newspaper Group of Texas and self-owned, teaching and grant writing at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi, and freelance writing and ghostwriting. She has a Master’s degree in English with distinction in literature, business/technical writing and rhetoric. Wendy’s special talent is telling a complicated story simply, a talent she uses to create intriguing manuscripts, help others discover their authentic voice and share their ideas with the world.

Nathan Lueth


Nathan Lueth was born with a pencil in his hand, a feat that confounds obstetricians to this day. In his years with RTC, Nathan has worked on more than a dozen books. When not drawing comics for other people, he produces a steam-fantasy web comic called Impure Blood ( with his fabulous wife, Nadja. He and Nadja currently reside in St. Paul, MN, with two cats, a turtle, and their wonderful daughter, Katja.

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Christy Bui


Christy is a designer working out of sunny southern California. She studied visual communication at the University of California Davis where she grew to love typography and information design. After graduating, Christy began freelancing, creating white papers and PDF downloads for small educational blogs and test prep companies. She didn’t exactly know what she wanted to do as a professional designer; Christy just wanted to help people get their information across in a clear and friendly way. In 2014, she began working with RTC who shared her passion for helping people do good work. Since then Christy has designed several book interiors and book covers, drawn at RTC’s many wall art installations, and really any creative work that’s thrown her way! Outside of RTC, you may see her drawing, creating paper crafts, playing some relaxing video games, or exploring a new hobby like mapmaking.

Analee Paz


Analee has been drawing cartoon characters since the age of five, painting since the age of seven, and taking pictures ever since she got a hot pink camera at the age of ten. Whether she’s traveling, watching documentaries, playing with her puppy (Van Gogh), attending concerts, or trying out a new recipe, she is always seeking creative ways to document life.

Adam Lawrence


With a background in English language and literature, Adam’s been playing with—and polishing—words for over twenty years. After graduate degrees and ten years teaching introductory English, he started working as a freelance writer and editor full time, partnering with multiple educational companies to help produce dozens of fun and informative English language textbooks and study guides. He’s even edited educational stickers (yes, that’s a thing). Since fall 2015, Adam has worked with several clients, including Teacher’s Discovery, Pearson Canada, and nSightWorks.

RTC—a storytelling company, don’t you know?—seemed like an obvious choice for a book-hungry writer and editor. And since 2016, Adam has had the opportunity to work with RTC editorial staff and their clients on over twenty fiction and nonfiction books, contributing his editorial eye to check for grammar, spelling, and punctuation (don’t forget the Oxford!).

He lives in beautiful (though construction-addled) Montreal.


Art Installations

RTC has a group of artists (not all pictured) who lend their talents to live art installations across the country. They all enjoy working with their hands, playing with typography and shapes, and seeing how their art impacts guests and adds a new dimension to an event.

To find out more about our art installations, click here.

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