How to Build Trust in a Team Through Vulnerability Sessions

Corey Blake's Vulnerability Workshop is easy-to-follow and run for your team.

Being vulnerable is hard enough - we've made the sessions the easy part.

Vulnerability Practice Sessions

When engaging in a new vulnerability practice with your team, set aside 90 minutes for your first session. Make sure everyone clearly understands that participation is voluntary, and then focus on these steps to guide you as you demonstrate by going first.

  1. Read from the leader’s script
  2. Review the three agreements
  3. Ask a participant to read the invitation, step 4 from the listener’s instructions
  4. Share your story of vulnerability
  5. Ask another participant to read gratitude, step 5, from the listener’s instructions
  6. Reflection
  7. Close the session

For any established culture, being vulnerable at work is a shift that will require time, resources, and outside expertise to be handled effectively. However, the benefits of being vulnerable with those we work alongside are bountiful.

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