Vulnerability and Psychological Safety

Take greater risks in the world and show up in your life as the beautiful and brilliant human being you are.

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Who is this minicourse for?

  • Leaders Looking to Deepen Trust Within Their Teams

    Leaders will learn to demonstrate a unique approach to vulnerability and how to use the three agreements to make work a psychologically safe place for greater risks to be taken.

  • Coaches and Therapists Looking for Ways to Sharpen Their Tools

    Coaches and therapists will learn how the structure of the three agreements combined with using vulnerability to elicit vulnerability, set the stage for deeper work and the exponential growth of their clients.

  • Artists Looking to Deepen the Intimacy Audiences Feel for Their Work

    Artists will learn to use vulnerability and the three agreements to draw an audience in more closely while inviting them to take greater risks as they experience the artist’s work.

  • Marketing Professionals Looking to Create Profound Brand Loyalty

    Marketers will learn techniques to enhance brand loyalty through intimacy and safety expressed authentically to their customers in ways that create legitimate gravitational pull.


What’s Included

11 Instructional Videos and TEDx Talks

Original videos from our founder as well as aggregated content from expert sources.

6 Readings

Original content on the beauty of our brokenness, practicing vulnerability, and the agreements that lead to deepening psychological safety.

5 Assignments to Integrate Your Learning

Multiple choice questions, journaling prompts, and real-time vulnerability experiences that further integrate the learning by putting it immediately into practice.

3 Tip Sheets

Concise reminders on how to deepen trust by leading with vulnerability and promoting psychological safety.

Bonus Content: An Original Film

Witness vulnerability in action through our Addy-award-winning short film, Vulnerability is Sexy.

Corey Blake, Founder, Round Table Storytelling Academy

“Psychological safety is something that we can manifest in our lives to support ourselves wherever we are and in whatever situations we find ourselves.”

About This Minicourse

  • Recommended Prerequisites

    Hero’s Journey Crash Course

    (or a seven- or twelve-week flagship class)

  • Instructor

    Corey Blake

  • Start Date

    Immediately upon enrollment

  • Style


  • Devices

    Experience the course from a computer, phone, or tablet

  • Duplication

    This content is covered in the 12-week version of our flagship class

Vulnerability 11859658 25



2.5 hours

Class length


Introductory cost

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Vulnerability and Psychological Safety

Second in the Listen to Your Life minicourse series

While Vulnerability and Psychological Safety is its own minicourse, we do recommend it be taken after the Hero’s Journey Crash Course. But we won’t stand in the way of a hero …