How Is Writing a Book Like Building a Business?

By: Kari Warberg Block, Founder & CEO, Earthkind in FAQ: Working with RTC

When Kari Warberg Block was five years old, she did not like the way our environment was being treated, nor how people were being treated. This keen awareness at such a young age guided Kari as she became an entrepreneur. The CEO of EarthKind and author of Gathering Around the Table went into the book writing process just like she dove into building her business. Kari considered the book a “new product” and the cost of goods would be cracking her heart and soul open to tell her story.

“I wanted it to be a very conscious experience for the reader so they can feel that energy and feel that passion within themselves to say ‘oh, I felt that too,’ or ‘I know that feeling and I want to do that too,’” Kari says.