Attracting and retaining ideal stakeholders is reliant upon a healthy business ecosystem.

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If you’re telling the world your culture is healthy when it’s toxic, people realizing the truth will cost you.

A company projecting its own misalignment out into the world would have been better off projecting nothing at all.

  • Are you purpose-washing and setting up your customers to eventually feel betrayed by your brand?

  • Do you grasp the real cost to you, your people, and your organization when you recruit and hire cultural mismatches?

  • Does your onboarding process instill a deep sense of belonging with what you stand for as an organization?

  • Are you creating lifelong customers who champion your brand out in the world?

  • In your recruitment and hiring processes are you projecting perfection that is bound to become disappointment?

  • Are your sales people talkers and schmoozers, or listeners who know how to source powerful questions that build meaningful relationships with customers?

It’s Not about Perfection, It’s about Authenticity

There’s something special about a company that can humbly admit it has yet to achieve what it inspires to with its culture. And, there’s a power in knowing you have the systems in place to generate the gravitational pull toward that aspiration.

Be the Beacon of What You Stand For

Our Fortify process is the fourth stage in a company’s hierarchy of growth—where stories from within are reflected externally to magnetize purpose and values. Enrich your business by attracting ideal stakeholders and repelling those who would deplete resources.

  • Enliven Recruitment, Hiring, and Onboarding

    Feel confident that your talent acquisition processes are fully supported to catalyze a deep sense of connection that attracts the right people, builds commitment to join, and creates a space of ownership in caring for the culture.

  • Attract the Right Customers and Keep Them

    Let your story speak for you to attract lifelong customers who act upon their deep commitment to your brand.

  • Inspire Word of Mouth

    Leverage the organization’s stories to spark curiosity and excitement in all places you show up in the world so that others want to be part of what you’re doing.

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