Attract unimaginable opportunities through the gravitational pull of bold authenticity.

Four Stages Fortify Pattern

Once Your People Believe, It’s Time to Share Your Story

Our Fortify process marries all the authenticity of your organization with creative delivery that turns heads, inspires massive word-of-mouth, and acts as a beacon for ideal opportunities.

Our Fortify process encompasses an array of creative services we began offering to organizations and thought leaders in 2010. Since then, our mediums have expanded to include the following:

  • Art Installations

    Ideal for conferences and events, this interactive, live experience for attendees centers around what you stand for as an organization.

  • Documentary Film

    Share the version of the world you’re fighting for.

  • Animation

    Take all the authenticity we’ve unpacked in Align, Deepen, and Sustain, marry it to intense creativity and artistry, and launch a head-turning statement.

  • Byline Articles

    Release the wisdom of the culture ambassadors identified in our Deepen process by supporting their contributions to high-profile publications.

  • Books

    From the founder story to graphic novels, business fables, textbooks for university courses, and even children’s literature, publishing is a powerful medium to share what you stand for.

We Heard you

The documentary helps us move mountains.

Safwan Shah
Safwan Shah
CEO, PayActiv
Its About Time Teaser Presented by PayActiv

Payactiv — A Fortify Success Story

Payactiv is a disruptor in their industry. The RTC and Payactiv journey together resulted in a book, animated short, and a documentary, all fortifying the ecosystem around the brand.

ORP Library is my legacy.

James Balestrieri
James Balestrieri
former CEO, ORP
Publishing Library Sample ORP

ORP — A Sustain and Fortify Success Story

ORP (now MyPath) wanted to create easy-access resources in order to show their own employees the transformative impact their work has on families (Sustain), and to build up an ecosystem around their thought leadership that would attract ideal stakeholders of all kinds to the organization (Fortify).