Couragify Your Culture Full-Day, In-Person Workshop for Teams

Frontline managers and employees are begging for purpose—but can they find it at your company?

Corey Blake Speaking at Stagen Reunion

The Research Is Clear

Because most employees will not connect the dots on their own, leaders need to take strategic action to support that connection.

Help Your Employees Find Purpose — Or Watch Them Leave

According to McKinsey, a staggering 85 percent of frontline managers and employees disagree or are unsure that they can live their purpose at work. And yet, when employees connect personal purpose to company purpose, the benefits are numerous: stronger engagement, increased loyalty, and higher retention.

Mc Kinsey Research 85

The Full-Day, In-Person Workshop

A Four-Step Process

  • Step 1: Prepare to Go Deep

    Corey opens with a group experience in vulnerability that sets the stage for sharing openly throughout the day.

  • Step 2: Revealing the Puzzle

    Participants uncover the five puzzle pieces that reveal their personal purpose before connecting that purpose to their company.

  • Step 3: Discovering Their Rosetta Stone

    Each participant is awakened to the powerful opportunity of redefining their relationship to what drives them and what holds them back.

  • Step 4: A Live Group Assessment

    A profound look into the aggregated workshop results, revealing where to leverage the group's gifts and how to mitigate the group's shadows.

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PAR People

This “thing” that happened yesterday was the most amazing thing I have ever seen happen at a corporate sales conference. Never expected that in a million years.

Tal Spirer
Tal Spirer
Director of Sales, ParTech, Inc.

From Stage to Screen to Stage Again

Corey Blake was formally trained as a stage actor before moving to Los Angeles and becoming the face of Fortune 100 brands as a commercial television actor. He incorporated his first of three companies in 2001, and went on to build the successful and award-winning Round Table Companies (RTC) before he returned to the stage in service of the business community he loves.

Participant Takeaways

Walk away with a clearly defined purpose

See yourself, your life, and your work from a powerful new perspective

Improve your performance at work

Lessen the likelihood of undermining your goals

I came into the experience caring about my team and left the experience loving them each so deeply, so profoundly, with everything I am.

Bethany Andell
Bethany Andell
CEO, Savage Brands

I have heard nothing but raves for you and where you took us. I am so proud to be part of an organization that chooses to do this work with you.

Jackie Dryden 
Jackie Dryden 
Chief Purpose Architect, Savage Brands

Couragify Your Culture Full-Day Workshop for Teams

Check out our one-sheet on the Couragify Your Culture full-day workshop for teams, including participant takeaways, a description of Corey’s four-step process for connecting employee purpose to company purpose, and what you’ll gain from the “live team assessment.”

About this Methodology

The Purpose Workshop is a proprietary methodology invented by Corey Blake and Round Table Companies (RTC). The steps in the workshop itself were developed over several years, beginning in 2016, through in-person workshops and keynotes Corey delivered at Conscious Capitalism, Conscious Company Magazine, Small Giants, YPO, and EO events around the country. The workshop process has been influenced by Corey’s decades-long study of Joseph Campbell's Hero's Journey, his study of presence work through the Meisner acting methodology in the early 2000s, and his education in deepening others' understanding of themselves through Gestalt therapy in 2015 and 2016. Corey's method has also been influenced and shaped by the approach he developed as the basis of RTC's book development process for guiding thought leaders and CEOs in writing the book they were born to write, a service RTC offered from 2007 until 2022. In his work with Sunny DiMartino on the concept and execution of Vulnerability Walls beginning in 2015—and erected for companies including Microsoft, ADP, Workday, and Marketo—Corey furthered his understanding of the collision moment and his artistic approach to transforming pain into beauty and connection, which he and Sunny explored further in their creation of the Vulnerability is Sexy™ card game released in 2017. Corey’s exploration of the long-form story version of the purpose statement continued in 2019, in collaboration with Kelsey Schurer on the 12-week Story Hero course that has resulted in the collection of nearly 2 million stories and first deployed the latest version of the Purpose Workshop.