Inject momentum into the transformation by awakening your organization to the power of it's people.

Four Stages Sustain Pattern

Inject Momentum

Our Sustain process reflects back the change occurring within your people so they can replace the story of who they used to be with a more powerful version of who they are becoming.

  • Art Wall (Internal)

    Create a pinnacle moment when employees’ old stories of their limitations collide with a new story focused on the powerful possibility within them. (Example from Microsoft.)

  • Documentary Film (Short-form)

    Capture the vulnerable beauty of your people to reflect their profundity back to them.

Microsoft Wall
Publishing Library Sample ORP

ORP — A Sustain and Fortify Success Story

ORP (now MyPath) wanted to create easy-access resources in order to show their own employees the transformative impact their work has on families (Sustain), and to build up an ecosystem around their thought leadership that would attract ideal stakeholders of all kinds to the organization (Fortify).