If your company is reflecting a fractured image back to your employees, then fractured is what they will believe the culture to be.

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Accountability for Purpose and Values Does Not Reside with Leadership Alone

If all your employees are not holding each other accountable to your purpose and values, your leaders are struggling to solve culture challenges one person at a time.

  • How do your employees witness and demonstrate behaviors that align with your purpose and values?

  • What processes are in place to offer and receive feedback on a potentially out-of-alignment decision?

  • In what ways are you supporting and holding each other accountable—leaders, employees, and stakeholders—when your behaviors undermine your purpose and values?

  • What systems have you created inside your organization to recognize and celebrate employees whose behavior exemplifies a value?

Your Powerful New Culture Cannot Coexist with the Old One

Your people will transform and revise the story they tell themselves about your culture if it consistently collides with your powerful new story. Your work is to set them up for success navigating that collision.

We See What We Stand for Together

Our Sustain process is the third stage in a company's hierarchy of growth—where stories from within are reflected internally, across the organization, to demonstrate what the culture wants to continue to manifest.

  • Psychologically Safe People Sustain Courageous Cultures

    Shared personal experiences capture the courageous choices required to build, deepen, and reinforce trust between people, within teams, and across departments.

  • Culture Ambassadors Hold You Steady in the Storm

    This human system of support sustains the new stories by capturing your core values in action, even in times when crises and stress may trigger people to cast them aside.

  • Your New Culture Sticks When Everything Aligns

    Recognizing outdated systems and processes so you can upgrade them to support the specific mindsets and behaviors that sustain your purpose and values.