Brand Storytelling and Brand Vision

Every business has a story. But why tell that story? Engagement, alignment, and inspiration are just a few reasons. Round Table Companies is made up of expert storytellers. We’ll start by helping you define your brand vision and execute that vision, bringing your brand story to life in new and meaningful ways.

Brand Storytelling and Brand Vision Storyteller Journal

What’s In a Brand?

If you really think about it, a brand is a story in and of itself. Brand storytelling is a recognizable feature that draws customers into an experience. A brand can entice new customers and retain current customers. A brand is a promise, a corporate vision, a uniform message across your company. It is more than a marketing strategy. It is an identity.

Take a moment and reflect on the last book you read that was so good you didn’t want it to end. What captivated your mind and spirit? These are the elements you can use to conceptualize your company’s brand in a way that increases ROI and skyrockets customer loyalty. Brand storytelling is one part authenticity, one part vulnerability, a sprinkle of emotion, a dash of connection, and it is all filtered through a funnel of clarity.

You May Want to Explore Business Brand Storytelling If…

  • Your employees all have different ways of explaining who you are and what you do.
  • You need to elevate customer engagement.
  • You are rebranding your company.
  • You have an IPO or big transition on the horizon and need to stand out from the competition.
  • Your marketing strategies could benefit from new life and objective eyes.
  • You know your corporate story, but you don’t know how to tell it.
  • You want to unify employees under one mission and vision that is universal to your company entities.

How Brand Storytelling Ignites Your Business

From revising a company mission statement to developing articles and website content, and a little fun creative components in between, Round Table Companies crafts an end-to-end brand storytelling platform throughout your planning, business model, and marketing. We’re not a content factory. We’re a storytelling company and we want to help you tell the story of your business.

When your entire organization lives your core values and celebrates your brand vision, you make a positive impact on every person who interacts with your organization while attracting the best talent and loyal customers.

The Round Table Companies Brand Storytelling Signature Process begins at the emotional core—why are you in the business that you are in? Whether working with you as a sole business, your team at your company, or your worldwide brand, our brand storytelling process goes deep into engaging motivations of what makes your brand unique—what journey you went through that makes your brand your brand. After all, “vulnerability is sexy” is more than just three words. We will uncover the heroes of your business story.

How the RTC Business Brand Storytelling Signature Process Works

We’ll create a team of top-notch editors who will discuss your specific needs, explore your target audience, dive into your company culture, and interview key stakeholders to get to the heart of every story. We’ll create a brand vision and a blueprint for the ways we can elevate your business brand storytelling to brilliance. Curious what the individual components might look like? It could be a founding story manuscript, an employee handbook overhaul, a podcast series, video, animation, social media stories, and more.

You will have input every step of the way as our editors (who are master storytellers) truly immerse themselves in your company’s story and produce a business brand storytelling and vision that achieves results. You’re in business for a reason. Let us help you share your story with the world.