Brand Storytelling and Brand Vision

Branding is only the beginning. Your brand tells a story with every engagement. Round Table Companies helps you bring your brand to life with brand storytelling. Starting with your brand vision, we help you create a deeply engaging brand story that extends through all areas of your business - beyond the four walls of your company.

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How Brand Storytelling Ignites Your Business

When you engage in Brand Storytelling with Round Table Companies, we craft an end-to-end platform, with message engagement throughout your planning, your business model, and your marketing. That narrative can then be woven into every aspect of your organization.

When your entire organization lives your core values and celebrates your brand vision, you make a positive impact on every person who interacts with your organization while attracting the best talent and loyal customers.

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Creating your Brand Vision with our Signature Process

How to build a brand vision with the Round Table Companies Signature Process begins at the emotional core – why you are in the business that you are in. You may have competitors in a saturated market, but there is always at least one element that you have over your competitors: you!

Whether working with you as a sole business, your team at your company, or your worldwide brand, our process goes deep into engaging motivations of what makes your brand unique. Then letting that ignite into your overall brand vision.

Brand Storytelling with Our Signature Process

  • We work together to develop a deep understanding of the “whys” of your business, and the purpose that motivates you and your company. This helps set the North Star for your brand storytelling.
  • Messaging is important to deliver on your brand storytelling. We help you create the voice of your business. We go further to develop sets of messages and themes that represent your brand vision and deliver your brand’s story to your customers.
  • Understanding who the target audience is for your brand story leads to new ways to reach the right audience.
  • Activate and retain your customers with brand storytelling that engages on the right emotional level and leaves a lasting impression.

  • Attract loyalty from your team and customers by systematically listening and demonstrating your core values through your brand storytelling.

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