Round Table Companies

a storytelling company

We’re looking for brilliant writers, designers, and creatives!

What kind of people do we look for to join us at the Table?

We might be looking for you if you are . . .

Empathetic: Do you care deeply for others and practice true kindness? Can you play well with others in our virtual sandbox? When we talk about “love” and “kindness” do you feel energized and right at home?

Curious: Are you eager to build a relationship with our clients? Not afraid to ask personal or tough questions to better understand someone’s story and spirit? We’re looking for people who are willing to look inward, too. Are you curious about yourself and committed to continued (and even unexpected) growth?

Authentic: Do you believe that honesty is at the core of every healthy relationship? We live and work by this belief, even when it’s hard. Are you willing to do the same?

Disciplined: Are you handy with a schedule and able to pace work to meet concrete deadlines? Can our team count on you to offer continued momentum and your genuine support?

Confident: Are you excited to take the reins and lead a project at some point? Do you have the chops and the heart to lead?

Creative: Can you think abstractly and analytically? Are you eager to take the big risks and go where a project needs you to go--whether that means a gentle and inspiring story or a dark narrative that would have Ivar the Boneless cowering?

Engaged: Are you someone who’s excited to look beyond your own projects to take part in group discussions and bring your ideas to the Table? Are you thrilled to do more, connect more, and make a difference by looking beyond a checked-off to-do list?

Collaborative: Do you find joy in working as a team? We’re a distributed company, with staff and clients all over the country. Simply put, we’re in this together.

Want to Join?

If you’ve been nodding along, you may have the heart to become not just a part of the RTC team, but part of the family. One caveat: working with us brings abundant love, intense joy, and infinite gratitude. But we also ask you to bring your best every day. And our hiring process means business. We don’t just want your resume and form letter. We’re looking for what scares you to share.

If you’re excited to make an impact with your creativity, here’s how you can apply to join us at the Table. We’re going to ask you send an email with some attachments. Here’s what it will include:
  1. 1

    In a short story, tell us about a specific instance of deep pain you have experienced in your life and the gift that emerged from that experience. Include your story in the body of the email. And remember, we are looking for your authentic voice. Don’t be afraid of that voice, whether it is genteel as 18th century embroidery or would make a sailor blush. We want to hear YOU, however you show up on the page.

  2. 2

    Brilliance is our goal at RTC—that intangible magic that bleeds its way into creative projects. How do you push for brilliance in your work and in your life? How does brilliance show up in your life and how do you invite it in? Include your response in the body of your email.

  3. 3

    Send a sample of your writing (or graphic design work, illustrated works, etc.) attached to this email. In the body of the email, tell us why this is the piece you HAD to share as an expression of your work, your heart, and your purpose.

  4. 4

    Community is one of our core values. In the body of the email, write the things you think you could bring to The Table as an employee. Be real and authentic. In a culture where we exist all over the continent, how will YOU bring us closer together?

  5. 5

    Read through the website and tell us what parts spark your interest. Hint: Don’t feel the need to send an academic dissertation. Instead, share with us what hit you in the gut, what seeped into your bone marrow, and what landed smack in your heart. Or, tell us what made you livid. Give us the real. Give us the guts. Attach your thoughts to the email.

  6. 6

    Include your most recent work resume as an attachment to this email. If it’s boring, liven it up. Leave behind the crusty-edged bullet points and tell us what really mattered in your life. Feel free to include the experiences that have shaped you but would give your resume writer a cardiac episode. Highlight what you’re most proud of in this resume and tell us why.

  7. 7

    Address the email to me, Leeann Sanders, and start your email off by telling me how you FEEL about sending this application. Did it excite you? Were you upset at the amount of work you put into it? Do you feel a little wobbly having shared what you did? Send it to with ‘Work Inquiry, First and Last Name, and your favorite childhood game or cartoon’ in the subject line.