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Insights in Book Writing

Finding gratitude on the cloudiest days

We often get caught up in the stress of life and forget to actually LIVE in the moment that we are in.

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Vulnerability Is at the Heart of the Story

The power of a story lies in the heart of it, the place where the vulnerabilities live. It is the truths that we share that allow others to relate, to build a community, to become our best and most authentic selves.

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How Hiring a Ghostwriter Damages Your Soul

Listen in as Corey explains how he feels about ghostwriting and the beautiful invitation to add a partnership to your book writing process.

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Insights in Event Experiences

Early Light Media Storyteller Spotlight: Corey Blake

This month for our Early Light Media Storyteller Spotlight series, we are highlighting Corey Blake, the founder of Round Table Companies (RTC). We recently collaborated with RTC to create a branded documentary "Vulnerability is Sexy," which explores Corey's company and personal mission to forge deeper connections through vulnerability.

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We Work on Humanity

Emotions abound at our Gestalt Weekend Experiences.

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Insights in Thought Leadership Platform

Core Value Power

Core values work is a huge piece of what we focus on at RTC to help individuals and organizations articulate what they stand for. When showcased well, core values force people to react with awesome attraction or equally powerful repulsion.

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The Hero's Journey

Based in the work of Joseph Campbell, the hero's journey is an integral part of the work we do at RTC as we support thought leaders in sharing their stories with the world.

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Tribe Building and Building Your Community

Building your community is an important part of your movement and in getting your message out to the world. How is it done? Where do you start? Why do you need to do this? There's so much to know! Don't worry, RTC is here to help you.

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Insights in RTC Testimonials

Gratitude and Words of Affirmation from Chad and Will

Chad Littlefield and Will Wise from We! share their gratitude for RTC. We are thrilled to have them as a trusted partner and a beautiful part of the RTC family.

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Feel the Love: A RTC Testimonial from Glenn Meier

​​Listen in as Glenn shares his experience working with Corey Blake as his coach and the beautiful love he has felt from the RTC family!

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​You Need to Get Your Story Told: A RTC Book & Publishing Testimonial

Carolynn Brooks shares the importance of family, trust, and integrity, which she found throughout her process with RTC.

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Insights in Corey's Book Journey

Reading it Outloud!

The team is preparing to step into new territory with Corey's manuscript vision.

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Bleeding on the Table

Corey has been taking on the mood board and his team is preparing his manuscript vision. Both of these items are an important part of our process and requires the client and the writer to lay everything out on the table.

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Why Bumpers Aren’t Just for Bowling Lanes

The book writing journey is filled with strikes, spares, and even the occasional gutter ball. The mood board is there to help your team be ready with bumpers that will help to get your game back in the strike zone.

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