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Insights in Book Writing

How to Get Past a Blank Screen When You Sit Down to Write Your Book

The story you need to tell consists of many pieces, and we often get trapped because we think we have to put those pieces together from the very start. Like a puzzle, there are parts that stand out and missing pieces that we don't know where they belong yet. By taking the right steps at the start of the process, you will surely create a beautiful piece of art.

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"Your Biggest Breakthrough will Come after Your Biggest Breakdown."

Suzie Carpenter speaks with Corey in this interview on the feelings around completing her first book, spreading her message, and giving a voice to her daughter.

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Am I going to try to do it right or am I going to "Dance Naked"?

Lori Darley, author of the new book "Dancing Naked: Claiming Your Power as a Conscious Leader", discusses planting her flag in the ground, her fear of no one wanting to play in her sandbox, and her desire to maximize her impact on the world!

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Insights in Event Experiences

What Is Vulnerability is Sexy?

In this video, “Vulnerability is Sexy,” Corey demonstrates the kind of deep questioning he guides audiences to engage in. This kind of reflection—unrehearsed, sincere, and sometimes even frightening—helps people to be seen in the world.

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Vulnerability is Sexy the Game in Action

Have you wondered what it is like to play the ‪Vulnerability is Sexy‬ game? Fifty executives found out at ‪Conscious Capitalism. It was an experience unlike any they had ever had. Want to experience the connection that you see in the video? Click below to find out more!

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The Vulnerability Wall

The Vulnerability Wall is an RTC original artistic installation for conferences. Your attendees share their fears and vulnerabilities around attending your event, their work and life’s mission, or their personal lives, letting go of those tensions so they can be more present at your event.

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Insights in Thought Leadership Platform

Core Value Power

Core values work is a huge piece of what we focus on at RTC to help individuals and organizations articulate what they stand for. When showcased well, core values force people to react with awesome attraction or equally powerful repulsion.

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The Hero's Journey

Based in the work of Joseph Campbell, the hero's journey is an integral part of the work we do at RTC as we support thought leaders in sharing their stories with the world.

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Tribe Building and Building Your Community

Building your community is an important part of your movement and in getting your message out to the world. How is it done? Where do you start? Why do you need to do this? There's so much to know! Don't worry, RTC is here to help you.

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Insights in RTC Testimonials

​You Need to Get Your Story Told: A RTC Book & Publishing Testimonial

Carolynn Brooks shares the importance of family, trust, and integrity, which she found throughout her process with RTC.

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Susan Taylor Reflects on Working with RTC and the Beauty of Being Seen

​Listen in as Susan shares her experience working with Corey Blake as her coach and the love she has for RTC!

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Scott Winicour Reflects on Working with Round Table Companies

Scott shares his experience with Corey's core values work with his leadership team.

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