Fear Series: Who Am I to Write a Book? What Makes Me Different from All the Others?

By: Mary Anna Rodabaugh in Book Writing and Editing
on July 27th, 2021

Perhaps the greatest fear of all is not about finding the best time to write a book or calculating the impact and value of publishing it. The greatest fear of all is believing that you don’t even have the right to write. The fear that you don’t have a story to tell in the first place, that nobody will want to read your book.

But think of it. There are approximately eight billion people on this planet—with the potential to share their story. That’s eight billion stories! And these eight billion people come from all different places, celebrate different cultures, hold different perspectives, and think different thoughts. Each person holds an entirely different story than the next because they are different from one another.

And maybe you’re sitting here reading this and thinking, Okay, so what? We’re all different. What else is new?

Precisely that: storytelling is built on details that are different from one another. The more specifically you share your own details in your writing, the greater the connection your book will make with your readers.

“Unique points of view and voices make for an experience unlike any other any time someone opens up the pages of a book.”

Writing a Book and Storytelling Both Build Connections

Annie Rose, a staff editor here at RTC, writes, “Human beings have used storytelling throughout time to create connection, facilitate healing, and coax transformation.” The connection through storytelling is unique, depending on who is telling the story. Unique points of view and voices make for an experience unlike any other any time someone opens up the pages of a book.

We each have a unique story to tell. Is yours a personal story? A business story? A combination of the two? This article gives you some simple steps to see what kind of book is brewing within you. As you make a list of what you have to tell the world, you will see that your notes might expand into stories. Suddenly you may have more than enough ideas about what you want to say to the world in your book.

Tell Your Story Today!

You Can Always Ask for Help When Writing a Book

Sometimes we just need a little help sifting through the details and picking out the ones that truly spark connections with others.

Travis Tooke, author of Jiu Jitsu and Life: Lessons Learned on and off the Mat, said that he had wanted to write a book for several years but just didn’t know how to get there; how to put his story into a workable, readable, publishable book.

“When I met with the team at RTC about my idea, they seemed to understand right away what I was trying to do and how it should be done. Over the course of a few months, the book started to take on a life of its own, and the experience of reliving these stories has been amazing.”

Maybe for you, like Travis, all it takes is another pair of eyes or hands to help guide the details of your story to take shape into a book writing adventure.

Once that happens, it will have a life of its own.

All you have to do is be ready to say “yes” to your story and live alongside it.

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