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Insights in Book Writing

An Interview with Gen Georget

How the uncomfortable year of finding her way back to herself became the inspiration for her newest book.

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The Birth of Your Story

Writing a book is much like laboring and birthing a child. There are moments of euphoria, pain, joy, and anxiety. At the end of both, you have something (or someone) that you love more than you ever thought possible.

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The Secret to Unlocking Brilliance

If you are a business leader wanting to share your story, you will want to do it in the best possible form that you can. An RTC editor will help you uncover your book and create an experience with your audience.

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Insights in Storytelling Sessions

Professional Actor Turned Business Storyteller

Corey joins John to discuss his life as an actor, the events of his life which led him to his current success, and the value and power in being vulnerable.

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Round Table Companies tells the story behind the brand and person

You and your brand go hand and hand. What story are they telling? Corey joins Kate Strong on this episode of Pioneers of Good.

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Superhero Traits vs. Your Shadow Side, Ego vs. Fulfillment, & Transitioning to a Better Place

What's the shadow side of your superpower? Corey joins Avery Konda of The Social Impactors this week.

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Insights in Organizational Storytelling

Brand Storytelling

Imagine a storytelling ecosystem around your brand that attracts the best talent and the most ideal customers, while gently pushing away those who would waste your valuable resources.

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What does Your PR Company Want From You? A Great Story.

If you're looking for a way to capture the attention of your audience, storytelling is the way to go!

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My Personal Life is None of Your Business: How to Practice Vulnerability at Work

Vulnerability at work is a dangerous endeavor that invites judgment, raw uncontainable emotion, and the perception of weakness. But on the other side of the inherent risks, is an opportunity for brilliance.

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Insights in Event Experiences

One to a Billion

In a world full of billionaires that are doing big things, is there really something that little old you can do? The Conscious Capitalism Conference gave Gen an answer that she didn't expect.

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The Lasting Art of Your Brand’s Story

A story is a beautiful thing. Are you ready to share your company story with your stakeholders, staff, friends, and perhaps, even strangers?

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Insights in RTC Testimonials

The Home I Never Had

Annette's book was brought to life with the help of our coaching and publishing departments. Here she shares how the process helped her to release her fears and embrace the story that the world needs to hear!

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A Perfect Match

Our coaching program and Editor Mary Anna proved to be a perfect match for Michael Gershe.

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Gratitude and Words of Affirmation from Chad and Will

Chad Littlefield and Will Wise from We! share their gratitude for RTC. We are thrilled to have them as a trusted partner and a beautiful part of the RTC family.

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Insights in Get to Know Us

From Essayist to Published Author: Meet RTC’s Heidi Jon Schmidt

A writer from an early age, Heidi absorbs her inspiration from the world around her. A push from a professor, followed by a rejection letter, and then a big fat check set her on the path to follow what she was always meant to do, write.

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Delivering Joy

Wife. Mom. Teacher. Learner. President. Kristin Westberg has held many titles in her life. What do they all have in common? Joy.

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The Triple Threat

With a compassionate heart, a caring nature, and the ability to connect deeply, Yolanda embodies the RTC spirit and shares it with our clients.

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Insights in Dose of Inspiration