Mood Board, Connection, and Darkness

By: Corey Blake, CEO Round Table Companies in
on October 4th, 2017

Today was my first full book phone call with my team and we dove into the mood board I created over the weekend, which was primarily made up of photographs from throughout my life.

The conversation ended up focusing on connection.

1) When it first showed up profoundly in my life with my baby cousin, Justin.

2) How as a family we often connected through the laughter and the humor of our favorite movie, Young Frankenstein.

And 3) How I experimented with connecting to my darkness in my late teens and early twenties.

That last piece held energy for everyone on the line. I spoke about my recent work at the Institute and how I'm just starting to sincerely explore the parts of myself that I've deemed unlovable. I'm keenly aware that this will be the most vulnerable work to date. I had no discomfort in sharing, but as soon we talked "about" it, my face get hot. A hot face tells me there is something worth investigating.

So onward we go...