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Storytelling in Business

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The CEO Storytelling Trifecta

In this article for Chief Executive Magazine, RTC's founder, Corey Blake, shares three essential storytelling elements that will take your leadership story from good to great. After all, having a great story, and knowing how to tell it authentically and honestly, encourages stakeholders to trust you.

Corey Blake

Corey Blake, CEO Round Table Companies


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Frontline Managers are Begging for Purpose—McKinsey Asks, "Can They Find It at Your Company?"

According to McKinsey, while an impressive 85 percent of upper management agree they are living out their purpose at work, an equally staggering 85 percent of frontline managers and employees disagree or are unsure that they can do the same.

Kelsey Schurer

Kelsey Schurer, Executive Editor, Round Table Companies

Book Writing and Editing

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Book Writing Coaching

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Publishing and Book Launch

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